Birth Snaps!

2 years ago Dr. Jen picked out a bunch of prints to hang in her exam rooms at her office.  Not gonna lie, I LOVE when I have appointments there and get to see them hung up.  Definitely makes me smile.

I had text Dr. Jen last week about running into (at a photo shoot...where else?!?!) an old friend of her hubby's and after we had the 'what a small world!' chat she told me to pop by the office because the new OB hung up ELEVEN of my canvas birth snaps in her exam rooms! EEEKKKK!

So naturally I had to pop in when I had my appointment (with the nurse practitioner since Dr. Jen was out of town) and see them in person.

Gosh, this made my little photographer's heart soar seeing these hung up!  I totes should have grabbed a selfie with them too (next time!) but man, they look so good!

I am hoping to get some of my prints up in the L&D waiting room too as well...gosh that would be so awesome!  Maybe it seems vain??!  But I don't care...I just love seeing my pics hung up -- reminds me of what an amazing job I have and the wonderful families who allow me into their birth spaces to snap their little one's arrival!

Okay, that's all the excitement I've got for this...I'm sure if I get more up somewhere I'll be sure to report back :) Or if I snag a selfie with these too :)

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