Catching Up

I feel like I have totally slacked on the blogging game lately...I mean, besides documenting #5's growth, I feel like that's all I've done!  Truly though, besides growing this kiddo (which has definitely worn me out...hello needing a nap everyday (when I use to use that time to catch up on blogging and such!!)) I have been SO BUSY with taking pics and the kids that I really haven't had a ton of down time to blog!

So this morning it was a rare weekend morning without a photoshoot and just Annie was home until the big kids got back from the lake, so I decided to do a little hodge podge random catching up post for ya! 

Annie LOVES babies...a lot.  We have gotten to see sweet Eliza a bunch and Annie just loooooooves getting to see her!  I think she's gonna be a great big sis to this new babe this fall!

She so impressed me with how gentle and such she is with her!  It was truly the cutest thing EVER.

The big kids started evening swim lessons a few weeks ago and are LOVING it!  For Rosie it's focusing on being able to swim sans floaties, and for P it's more of working on strokes and diving and all of that fun stuff.

Mike took a camera with him to swim lessons one day last week and it was the cutest thing EVER to see the snaps that he came home with!

They really love it and have a freaking blast!  They have a couple more weeks and hopefully one of them I'll sneak away to go to and be able to snap some pics of them in action too.

Speaking of swimming, it has been SO FREAKING HOT lately we have hit up the pool A TON!  Uncle Ben and daddy have even come with us a few times when they weren't working (or sleeping!!).

They really have a blast when someone new comes with them to the pool!

And check out Annie's new favorite thing to do with Mike: go underwater!  This chickadee is FEARLESS!!

I cannot CANNOT believe this was a year ago...

Man oh man, if I knew then what that next year would include... I don't know if I would have believed it.  Anxious and excited to see where we are a year from now!!

I saw on the swap someone was selling a power wheels for only $30 and DUH!  Had to jump on that!  The kids LOVED their new John Deere tractor and despite it being a thousand degrees outside they rode around on it all night long!

Aren't they the cutest??!

So the Blues won the Stanley Cup this year (woot!) and I LOVE that custom bottles are put out by Bud Light to celebrate!  So naturally we had to snag some for our bottle collection :)

So the girls' got their ears pierced a week or so ago...and I promised Rosie we'd do a mani/pedi date as well too!  Welp, we had a rare morning with just us girls home, so we took advantage and did a mommy-Rosie day date for nails, errands, and lunch!!

She loved it...clearly!  And so did I.  I'm so looking forward to having Rosie home on Fridays this year and getting some more one-on-one time with her!  I feel like I don't get a ton of that with her so I'm very much looking forward to it!!

Speaking of the girls, I snapped these ahhhhh-dorable pics of them the other night at the Mooneys and Annie's big grin just SLAYS ME!

Also snagged this cute video of Rosie singing too...

Goodness she's a hoot!

So Patrick has been spoiled by great great aunt Anita -- she's made him several shirts and he LOOOOOVES THEM!  Loves wearing them and clearly loves modeling them for me.

Uncle Ben and Uncle Charlie loved his shirts so much they asked if they could get one for all 3 of them to match!  Goodness they are the sweetest.

So my kids LOVE cheese...and pizza.  A lot.  We've hit up IMOS a lot lately and, well, they RELALY LOVE IT.

Annie got a special treat this weekend: she got to go to Six Flags with Daddy by herself!  Mike and Patrick have season passes, but we realized this weekend 2 and under are free so they went together while I had a photoshoot!  It was hot as can be but I think they both had fun and enjoyed the food a lot too.  Mike said Annie rode the Log Flume EIGHT times!  She didn't want to get off!

Speaking of Annie, she's been my little shopping buddy lately...

She hit me with the little cart zero times so I'd say we've had successful shopping trips lately!

Patrick has been working on reading more and more and he loves reading to his sisters!

I hope he keeps it up and I hope his sisters keep letting him read to them!

Other than that, here's some random video and photo dumps for you to conclude this catching up post. 

WHEW!  I'm going to try and be better about blogging...maybe.  I've got a TON of birth moms due soon along with other shoots so BUSYYYYY is my name for the next few months!  But good...keeps me nice and occupied and distracted :) Have a great week friends!!

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