Ears Pierced!!

Today was a big day.

The girls got their ears pierced!!! EEKKKKK!!

Now, Rosie has been asking for a while but the couple times before we've gone she's backed out...and that's fine.  Wasn't going to force this on her.

Welp, when we started chatting about getting her haircut (SO NEEDED.) I asked if she wanted to get her ears pierced too and before she could even answer Annie said, "I get my ears pierced!!" -- and that was the end of that.  Immediately Rosie wanted hers then too and Annie KEPT SAYING she wanted to get them done!

So we made plans to get Rosie's hair cut (like 5 inches!!) and then IF they were still both willing to get their ears pierced afterwards once Rosie was done with camp and we had a free morning.  My mom tagged along with us too!

Ro got SO MUCH HAIR chopped off and it instantly aged her -- but darn it she looked so cute!  And then it was time for the earrings...

Both were still willing, Annie the most, and picked out their earrings and got their ears cleaned off.  I could sense Rosie was starting to get reluctant, so Annie said she wanted to go first.  Rosie saw a mermaid and I told her if she got her ears done she could pick one out for her and Annie.  DONE.  That sold her!

Annie got hers pierced (she picked white flowers with a blue center) and shed just a few tears afterwards but stopped pretty quick once she saw her new mermaid.

And then it was Rosie's turn!  I don't think Rosie saw Annie cry (thank goodness) and she sat right down and it was over before they even started it seemed like!  She did SO GOOD!

They both did SO WELL and I was SO SO SO proud of them for going through with it!  I admit, I was skeptical and thought they'd flake again but nope!  Proved mom here wrong!!!

Annie was being her typical smile limiting self, but she talked the whole way home about how pretty her ears were now that they were pierced.  We called a few people (daddy included) on the way home to tell them about their exciting morning!

Clearly they both loved their mermaid (bribe??!) too.

We then went to Raising Canes for lunch with NeeNee...which the girls loved.  They loved talking all about their earrings and Rosie's new haircut!

We then did a quick stop at the grocery store (for cookies. duh. haha or more like milk since we were almost out!) before heading home for naps.

Rosie wanted to have a mini photo shoot in the bathroom before her nap and who am I to deny her that?!?!

Annie passed right out with zero ear issues...so yay for that!

I am SO PROUD of them for going through with this and they both just look so gorgeous with their new earrings!  Here's hoping we all take good care of them and keep them clean and no infections happen (fingers crossed!). 

All in all, a great Friday morning and wonderful start to our weekend!  Have a good one friends!!

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