Postpartum with Teddy

First off, I have to share what my dear friend Victoria posted earlier this week on Facebook...

Her words literally stopped me in my tracks.  I was a puddle.  They were spot on and it really brought me full circle from a year ago to today.  Gosh.  She's got such a perfect way with words I just am forever and ever grateful to her for capturing all of these huge moments for us the past year.

She actually had a shoot over in Kirkwood this past weekend and came by for some Teddy snuggles...and a few postpartum pics.  We were going to do them in the hospital but with Teddy's NICU stay we decided to scrap that idea.  But when she offered to do some when she came to visit, I leapt at the chance!

Obviously she snuck in some solo Teddy pics too which I'm still swooning over!

I still cannot believe how far we've come in a year.  It truly is mind-boggling to look back at my Timehop and social media memories from a year ago and see how vastly different they are this year.  And Victoria and I decided to recreate one of my postpartum pics from last year...kind of a full circle moment if you'd have it.

Instead of holding my stillborn baby's prints just above my fresh c-section scar, this year I'm holding a very fresh, very new babe over that scar...a scar that will never ever be cut open again to birth a baby...something a year ago after Clark I didn't know would/could ever happen again.  Could I bring a healthy baby into this world again?!  I truly didn't know. And here we are a year later and YES.  YES that could and DID happen.  Truly amazing and I thank God and big brother Clark everyday for watching over sweet Teddy as he cooked away and came to join our family earlier this month.

Victoria also snapped a few nursing pics too...which I always cherish these.  Teddy will be the last babe I nurse and each and every day of our journey is sweet to have this relationship, because I have no clue how long it will last, so I'm trying to savor each moment we get together.

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for today.  Raw, fresh postpartum pics mean sooooo much to me and while I haven't snapped a ton of them for others (I totally would love to!), I just cannot thank Victoria enough for capturing these for us.  I'll cherish them forever and for always.

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