Snap Happy

Since Teddy was born I've had a bit of down time with my camera.  After the insanity of the fall and million billion shoots I feel like I had, the past few weeks have been SO SLOOOOOOW for me (camera wise!).  I've snapped a few pics here and there, but truly feel like I've relied on my iPhone for photos and that's been it!  And you know what?! It's been okay...but dang nabit I've missed snapping with my big camera SO MUCH!  -- Which I hope I don't eat my words come next week cause minus births I'm back snapping full time again!!

Anyways, this past week I decided to pick up my camera again because we NEEDED a family pic for our Christmas card with all of us in it AND Teddy has a few outfits that I know he's going to grow out of instantly that I need to get pics of him in before he does that!

So we snuck outside one afternoon after school before it got too dark (GOSH I HATE YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!) and we did a few family pics and kid pics.  I just love them.  Perfectly showcases the chaos and such we are going through right now...and we did get a good pic of all 6 of us for our Christmas card too so yay for that ;-)

PS - I totally cheaped out this year and 1. designed our own Christmas card and 2. put the Christmas card on one side and Teddy's birth announcement on the other to save some moo-la and not have to send 2 different cards this time of the year.  Cheap?!  Yes.  But smart too.

Anyways, this outfit below I got from here and was one of the first things I purchased for Clark.  He never got to wear it, but instead of filing it away (like I did with a few things that I bought JUST for him that I didn't want to recycle to another kiddo because they were HIS) I kept it for this next babe to wear when they were born.  I had ideas of hospital pics for this little kimono robe/onesie, but since he was in the NICU that didn't decided to bust it out today to get a few pics of him in it before he outgrew it.

Gosh he's so darn cute.  I am just obsessed with him...and those tiny tootsies!!  I then had the idea to put him next to my camera (so I had to get my backup camera out to snap this one!) in his camera outfit and I am just LOOOOOVING how it turned out!

Golly he is just the sweetest!  Then I snapped a few pics of him on the rug we were sent last year and I kinda am obsessed with these too.

Basically, I am just completely obsessed with our little Teddy Bear. HAHA!  But he was so good for our little impromptu photo shoot and I will cherish these pics (and our family ones too!) forever and forever!!!

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