Teddy Meets His Siblings!

Very shortly after Teddy's birth (like 6.5 hours!!) we had the big kids come up to meet their new little brother!

Now, at this point they had ZERO CLUE that Teddy was here and was a boy!  I purposely delayed posting any gender or name on Facebook until they came to meet him...didn't want to chance someone ruining it on accident at school.

My amazing friend Tiffanie who was in town this weekend stayed an extra day on her visit to meet Teddy but also be there to capture some Fresh 48 snaps and Teddy's big siblings meeting him!!

I'm not gonna lie, it was incredibly emotional but so awesome seeing my big three meet their new little brother (while their other little brother was smiling down on them from above).

Tiffanie snapped a few pics before the big kids came in and OMG.  They melt my freaking heart.

I'm so obsessed with them and all of his tiny little detail shots too! SQUEEEE!  They are just my favorite!

So after Tiff snapped a few pics of Teddy solo and with us, we brought the big kids in...and I'm going to let this video speak for itself.

I've watched it at least a hundred times already and I'm still teary eyed over it! GAH!!!  Pulls at my mama heart strings so much!!

I snuck in a few videos too from my bed of the kids meeting him as well...

Tiff then snapped a bunch of pics along with doing video too and I just loooove them.  The kids were so surprised and so excited that their new sibling was a BOY they just couldn't stop loving up on him!

I am so glad we had the big kids come up and meet him ASAP!  They were clearly just so smitten with him and could not wait to hold and kiss him again!

Unfortunately that was their only visit as Teddy got himself a trip to the NICU shortly after they left for some low blood sugar (just like his big bro)...and then got an extended stay for some dips in his O2 levels.  I've shared more of his NICU story here, but I just had to share these adorable snaps and video of Teddy meeting his siblings!!

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