It's happened.

Today I sent off my 20,000th ounce of breast milk.

And I figured these little milestone deserved its own post and pictures :)

I posted the below text on social media this morning and found it fitting to share here too...I have no clue how much more milk I'll donate before my pumping time is up, but this milestone seemed like it needed to be celebrated!

Today was a big day for me: I sent off my 20,000th ounce of breastmilk!  A little over 156 gallons donated since I had Patrick and started milk sharing back in 2013.  My OCD has kept tabs on every single ounce that was pumped and left my house en route to another babe, and about a month ago I tallied up my donations and realized I was supppppper close to 20,000…something I never ever thought I’d get close to hitting.

I’ve donated milk with all 5 of my babies, including over 1000 ounces in the couple months I pumped after Clark was born 💙 It’s been a labor of love — with lots of clogged ducts and accessorie$ purchased and so much lost sleep — but one that has been SO WORTH IT (and will continue to be worth it as milk monster Teddy probably won’t let me stop being his dairy cow anytime soon 😆).  The families I’ve met through milk sharing and even friendships that have developed because of it has just been amazing, and I’m so happy that our paths have crossed over something as simple as milk. 

Teddy helped me gather some of my milk tools and gear (and the most perfect onesie, thank you Laura!!) to take this pic to celebrate 20k! 🎉🍼 A lot of days I have wanted to smash those pumps, but today I’ll celebrate them and all that they’ve helped me achieve. 

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