Teddy's Baptism

I have slacked SO BAD on the blogging train this year thus far...and truly since Teddy was born.  LIFE IS BUSY.  So busy with a new babe, booming business, three big kids with busy schedules, and yeah, life.  I have wanted to just toss my hands up in the air and say 'screw it' to this blog so many times, but I keep having a nagging (OCD?!) "just keep it going alex! whenever you can!" reminder in my head so here I am...skipping a much needed siesta on my part to get this blog here caught up with the happenings of the past few weeks.  I know I'll regret letting this go and not keeping it up (hello digital baby book!), so here I am pushing myself to publish some of our happenings from the past month...because HOLY CATS January is almost over! INSANE!

So first up, Teddy's baptism! Just a day after he turned two months old we had our sweet little rainbow babe baptized...and it was wonderful.

We had him baptized at the same church Mike and I got married in and that Rosie and Annie were baptized in.  It was so special.

And, since he's my fourth kiddo and I've sucked and thinking ahead lately, that morning I realized OMG.  I didn't setup someone to take pics! AHHHH!  So instead, I asked Patrick if he wanted to snap Teddy's baptism pics for me and he leapt at the chance!  I set my camera settings and turned him loose...and guys.  WOW.  I am just BLOWN AWAY with what he captured -- he truly has a gift!  And I love the shots he got from his perspective!

Aren't those amazing?!?!  Seriously, so talented!

My mom and aunt Kate snapped a few during the baptism too with their phones, and I wanted to include those as well...

Teddy had just a wonderful baptism day!  His godparents are my brother Ben and sister-in-law Erin -- and they were just so excited to be his godparents...and we are SO HAPPY they are too :)

Mike and I snapped a few pics before and after the ceremony as well (musical photo capturers it seemed!)...

The ones with Teddy by the rainbow stained glass window are some of my most favorites.  Gahhh!  So freaking special!

After the ceremony we went back to my parents house for a little lunch reception...and, shocker!  I didn't take that many pics there!  Oops!  But I did sneak in a few cute ones...

All in all it was a wonderful baptism day for our littlest love and we are so happy to have him grow up in the Catholic church! 

And if you want to soiree down memory lane, here's Rosie and Annie's baptism days for you to relive too :)

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