Teddy Lovin'

Just a little photo dump for ya on this Monday morning with a little OBSESSION to share: these big kids are totally, completely and utterly OBSESSED with their little brother!

It melts my mama heart to see how much they love him...and cannot get enough of him (and probably why he's had RSV and now has the sniffles too. ugh. haha).  They beg to hold him all of the time and give him so many kisses and hugs.  Every morning when they wake up the first thing they do is to go check on him...and it is the cutest thing in the ENTIRE WORLD.

Sorry for that little photo dump.  That was a lot of pics, huh?!?!? haha

But then they do things like this too -- remember their other little brother.  When I want to take pictures of all of them at home they immediately run in and grab Clark Bear so he's in the sibling pics too...and that just leaves me in a puddle.

I am so so so blessed and so incredibly thankful for these kiddos and the love they are showing our little rainbow.  Days can be stressful and crazy and I look back at these pictures and just see how amazing my kiddos are to each other and thank God everyday I get to be their mama.

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