Annie's 3rd Birthday Party

On Friday we'll celebrate Annie officially turning three years old...but tonight we celebrated a few days early with her 3rd birthday party!

I feel a smidgen bad she gets the shaft on parties since her birthday is in January and it's cold out and my go-to party agenda of renting out a park doesn't really happen in these cold winter a special shoutout to grandma and grandpa Moo for letting us crash their house and Sunday dinner to have her birthday!

Annie is on a HUGE Wizard of Oz kick right now so I busted out one of her gifts a bit early so she could wear it to her party tonight (and school on Friday on her actual birthday!).  She was SO EXCITED to have it and loved showing it off and naming all of the characters on it to her aunts and uncles.

Naturally we had to have a Wizard of Oz cake for her birthday too -- which turned out AMAZINGLY awesome!

We had a bit of a thin birthday crowd -- lots of sickness going around so some missed out (including Patrick who wasn't feeling well!) but Annie didn't seem to mind -- she had an absolute blast with her aunts and uncles and cousins who did come!

I was super awful and didn't take a ton of pics (I usually bring my big camera to snap pics and am kicking myself for leaving it at home -- my mind clearly isn't where it usually is! DOH!) but love the few we did get.

Annie LOVED her cake (read: loved eating just the icing off of her cake. haha!) and couldn't eat it fast enough to get to opening her presents!

Everyone got the memo for presents for Annie: lots of Wizard of Oz stuff and Calico Critters!  She was in pure heaven and couldn't leave fast enough after her party to get home and play with her new toys!  Rosie was an excellent present-opening supervisor as well :)

All in all Annie had a wonderful 3rd birthday party -- and we cannot wait to celebrate again with her later this week on her actual birthday!  Hopefully she'll enjoy all of the presents we are going to give her too :)

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