Location Scoutin'

I took the girls + Teddy with me (and Mike! yay for him being off this weekend!) location scouting today and oh boy.  I am just OBSESSED with the spot we found!

It's not a 'new' spot; I've snapped there in the past...but just hadn't been anytime recently.  That changed today and oh boy!  I cannot wait to offer up this spot to some upcoming clients for their sessions!  EEKKKKK!  I think it's going to quickly become one of my favorite spots again.

We were only here for maybe 20 minutes, but dang.  I took SO MANY PICS and had a hard time culling them down for which ones to share here! HAHA! I hope I'll get a lot of new shoots booked wanting pics here cause I'm just obsessed with this spot (and there was NO ONE THERE! YAY!).

Anyways, thanks for dealing with my photo dumpin' on ya once again! I think our location scouting was just PERFECT tonight!!

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