Soooooo, it's June 24th.

I've posted a whopping THREE blog posts this month.

Yikes.  What is wrong with me?! I usually am SO ON TOP of the blogging game and I feel like I've been slacking something big the past few months.  I don't know what it is, but it's been a CHORE to sit down and start writing.  I usually have so much to say (and boy, do I ever, even in our current state!) but I haven't done much of it lately.  And I hate it.  Cause as hard as it's been to actually sit down and start writing...once I do, I feel so much better and the words start flowing! 

So here I am, with a lovely catch-up post for ya (and about 3 more posts coming at you in the next day or so too! So exciting! haha) and playing a bit of bloggity blog catching up for you guys.  I do have some more serious things a'brewing in my noggin'...but those haven't hit the blogisphere here yet...but hopefully they'll be coming soon.  There's just a lot brewing in the world about so much lately and I feel like I should get my thoughts and feelings out there...eventually.  When I can find the time and motivation to pen out a serious post.  But, until that happens, here's a big ol' photo dump for ya :)

What have we been up to lately?!  Kinda the same ol' same ol'.  Some things are back opened (!!!) and we are taking full advantage of getting out of the house and getting back to some of old favorite things that we've been missing for the past several months.  For example, the girls' dance class was back open at the studio!  They were SO EXCITED!  And since I couldn't stay, my buddy Anne (who's daughter Charlotte was in Rosie's class) and I went nextdoor to a restaurant and had a fun little 45 minute happy hour while the girls danced.  It truly was the highlight of my week!

The kids are still so obsessed with Teddy (as am I!) and seriously can't get enough of him.  I kinda love it.

We've been doing a lot of the same old thing too: lots of home time, lots of play time with their siblings, and lots of adventures over to NeeNee and Gramps' house!

Patrick got a haircut -- I can't tell you the last time he had one!  But he said he felt lighter once we shaved his head!  I bet so! Now we have to remember to put sunscreen ON his hair now too!

Ro rocked her 5 year checkup!  Big, strong, healthy chickadee!!

I cannot handle her side eyes.  They make me laugh SO DAMN MUCH!

Those chonk of legs of Ted's. I CANNOT with them! I love his chub so much! That boy sure loves to eat!

Celebrated our 8th anniversary in the midst of a pandemic and mandatory 12 hour shifts.  It was a memorable one indeed.  So glad Mike could escape for a minute so we could eat dinner before he had to go back to work!

And now a bunch of random yet adorable photos for ya :)

OH TED.  That dimply booty. I CANNOT HANDLE YOU!!!

Rosie got to go to Magic House camp this week and she is LOOOOOOVING it.  It's an art camp and she's been making such amazing creations! I love getting pics of what she's been up to and she's totally having a big huge blast.  I am so glad we found this camp for her AND that it was still open!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for ya for this fun little catching up post!  Stay tuned for some more blog dumps comin' at ya oh-so-soon :)

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