The Wonders

*I posted this on social media today and felt like it deserved its own post here here ya go!

It was no secret I had pretty awful anxiety when I was pregnant with Teddy. Pregnancy after loss can be crippling and consuming…and it was soooo much that for me.  I found myself turning off movies and TV shows that I use to love because they had something unsettling happen, a character dying, a kid getting sick…basically anything depressing. I’ve only recently been able to turn these type of shows back on.  One thing that got me through the many MANY nights of trying to keep my wandering ‘worse case scenario’ thoughts at bay (as I was by myself, since the majority of the time Mike is working overnight) was to watch ‘That Thing You Do!’ Something about that movie, the music, the storyline…I just loved it. I had always loved it, but even more so as it became my sweet, mindless watching relief from the anxiety that was trying to rear its head up.

The wonderful Swanky Shank opens up their custom orders for just a few months out of the year and I KNEW I had to get something to pay tribute to one of my most favorite movies — a movie that was very much a big part of Teddy’s pregnancy and helping me keep calm all of my worrisome thoughts.  These guys whipped up this design for him and I could not be any more in love — not only that it showcases ‘The Wonders’, but also the most perfect reminder that all of those pregnancy struggles and worries and anxiety were worth it.  We got our sweet little Teddy, and absolutely biased here but indeed every thing he does is so cute 😚

And clearly we had to get some matchy matchy snaps too.

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