Teddy at 7 Months

SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS.  Officially on the downswing to ONE.  Like closer to one than he is to being born. HOW HOW HOW THO?!?!  Time has been standing still in the world it feels like but then another month comes for Ted and it reminds me that as slow as it seems to be going it's actually whizzing by!

Ted is 30 weeks old (this past Monday!) so had to make a funsie little 30 week weekly-snap collage for ya too!

He seriously looks so big I CANNOT HANDLE IT.

I have a lovely 7 month photo dump for ya too...Ted is just such a little ham meatball I cannot handle it!!

I cannot with him! He is just a little dumpling! Those eyes of his will continue to get him whatever he wants out of me. I just know it.

We actually just went for his 6 month appointment on Monday (haha so late we are!) so I have a good handle on the actual stats and mom stats for ya! YAHOOOOO!

  • Teddy weighs 20 pounds 4 ounces and is 28.5 inches long. HE IS A BIG DUDE!  We just had his 6 month appointment a few days ago so I feel like I have official stats this month for ya :) 
  • Ted wears 12 month clothes -- still fits in some 6-12 month in Old Navy brand, but is officially in 12 month size in nearly everything! And I'm scared he's not going to be in this size for too long cause I feel like he's growing so crazy fast he'll be busting out of this before we know it!
  • Will be moving to a convertible carseat within the next week or so...sad to bid farewell to the pumpkin seat for the last time. GAH! 
  • No teeth...yet.  I'm betting sometime this month one or two of his bottom chompers will pop through! I feel like they are close (I think?!?! What do I know! haha!) and I'm just thinking he'll probably sprout some sooner than later.
  • Dude is the best.sleeper.ever.  Takes a solid 3+ hour nap every day and then usually sleeps 12-13 hours a night.  He is so happy and chatty when he wakes up; never crying, just cooing and making noise and talking.  Seriously happiest baby ever.
  • Started solids a few weeks ago! He has been ROCKING IT and seems to like nearly everything he's come into contact with!  We're doing a combo of baby-led weaning and pouches.  He gets food in his masher thingy too and loves to chomp on that as well.  Has tried like everything -- even peanut butter and strawberries and other allergy foods and hasn't had any reaction to them...so yay!  I'm sure he'll keep eating like crazy as he continues to grow.
  • With the food front, dude still loves the boob juice and nurses 6-8 times a day in the 10-12 hours he's awake!  He loves to eat and definitely prefers to eat from the source, as always.  Curious if he'll be my longest nursling babe!
  • Since we have our pool, Teddy has gotten to swim several times and really seems to enjoy it!  The big kids were never huge fans this little at the pool and Teddy is showing them otherwise with him -- he just loves it!
  • Can roll!  Prefers to do back to belly and will only do belly to back if he has to.  It's so funny he naps on his belly and overnight sleeps on his back! So crazy!  He's not actively rolling around all over the place...yet. But I'm sure he'll get there soon!
  • Has mastered sitting up! WOOT!  He's still a bit wobbly but overall he's got it and I swear each and every day he gets better and better and more sturdier as he masters sitting up even more.  This is my favorite baby milestone and I'm so glad Ted has gotten it!
  • Is a very avid thumb-sucker!  Only his left thumb and it's his favorite: always in his mouth when he's tired or upset.  It really is the cutest little.
  • Is truly the most easy-going baby.  Is not unhappy often and truly is so easy to get smiling and giggling.  His favorite people definitely are his big siblings and they always put the biggest smiles on his sweet little face! He babbles and talks and coos at them like no other.  They are my go to to get him happy if he's upset for whatever reason.  And even at 20+ pounds they all three still want to hold him and snuggle him as much as they can!
  • Nicknames still include: Ted, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Tedward, Ted Bed, Teddy Bear, Bug, Teddy Graham...the ones I can think of for now! haha!
And now my favorite part: comparison snappies! WOOT!

And lastly, all of the kiddos at 7 months old.  Gosh how similarly different they look! GAHH!

Oh Teddy!  You are such a dream boat!  You were the answer to our prayers and just the most perfect little rainbow babe we could have ever asked for! Keep growing and being amazing Teddy...cannot wait to see what this next month holds for you! 

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