I know I've blogged about this before, but gosh, I sure do love the Instagram iPhone app!  Anyways, wanted to share what's been happening lately via my Instagram feed.  And if you have an iPhone and don't have the Instagram app, GO DOWNLOAD IT!  And then start following me! --> pepinalex  Enjoy!!

Had to throw a Cardinals pic in here. LOVE THEM! 

Scoots and his profile on one of our daily walks to the park by our house. 

Scootie can fly.  WHEEEEEEE!

Gorgeous cotton candy-esque sunset one Sunday night.

Ahhhh! Mike and I are so excited for the new Muppets movie!!

I like to make creative signs for my kiddos :)

Scooter is even overcome with Cardinals fever! 

RIP Steve Jobs...thanks for EVERYTHING. I haven't been the same since Apple came into my life!

Pretty sunrise behind MRH one morning.  LOVE working here. 

Me and Scoots after one of our walks. 

Scoots and his daddy.  They're BFFs. 

Scoots and his death grip on the remote.  I swear he's really a person trapped in a dog's body.

Fun new app for Instragram: tweegram!  Create cool messages to "Instagram" to your followers!

Scootie looking so photogenic in the car. 

Service project with my kiddos: tagging storm drains in Maplewood and Richmond Heights! 

LOVE working here.

Hooray!  It's DOG CLUB day! :)

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