Pooches in the Ballpark

Soooooo, most of my posts tend to revolve around Patrick.  I know this, and I know I've said this before...but shoot, the little guy is the center of my world and it's just too hard not to always make things come back to him!  --Like this post, which is totally about SCOOTER, yet I have to some how bring it back to Patrick.  Sorry, mama problems.

Okay, back to the reason for this post: SCOOTER!  Ever since I got Scooter many many years ago, I have always wanted to take him to Purina's Pooches in the Ballpark at the Cardinals game.  Well, for whatever reason, we couldn't make it.  Well, this year was different: I was determined to get Scootie to the game (because he is indeed a HUGE Cardinals fan), and we ended up scoring some tickets for Mike and I to take Scooter!  (Yes, we really wish we would have brought Patrick, but we were downtown for almost 7 hours, and we think that would have been a little much for him this year...so maybe next year!).

Scooter is a HUGE Purina fan--he is a Beggin' Partner after all--so he was super duper excited to attend a Purina event AT Busch Stadium.  He wore his Cardinals jersey and his sign for people to follow him on Instagram--which, he did get about 30 new followers from game time to the time we got home--woo hoo!  After we checked in, Scooter got to take part in the ice cream social before the game--he chowed down (okay, he ate about half of it) on his favorite frozen treat, a Frosty Paw.  YUMMMMM.

Then, before we headed to our seats, we got to partake in the dog parade around the field.  This.was.awesome.  I couldn't stop snapping pics during this!  It was so neat to be able to walk on the field with our pooch--the only thing that would have made it better would have been if Patrick was there (see?! I can't resist bringing every.single.thing. back to him!).

Thankfully it was a GORGEOUS day.  Yes, a little toasty in the sun, but it was only about 81 degrees and no humidity--a rarity for St. Louis summers.  Once we got to our seats (and picked up our Purina Cardinals' blanket and HUGE swag bag full of dog goodies), we got some food and drinks and enjoyed the game.

It was a great game too!  The Cardinals ended up winning (and didn't shoot off any fireworks, for Matt Adam's homeroom or for the win, as they usually do--which we suspected that they held off doing this because there were like 400 dogs in the park and they didn't want them going absolutely crazy) and Scooter really had a great time (as did we!).  He was SO GOOD about just sitting on our laps--or in the chair--and watching the game.  We couldn't have asked for him to have been any better!

He got to eat some nachos, a hot dog, and stole some drinks of my water too.  Oh, and yes, he did go #1 during the game--he drank an entire bottle of water once we got to our seats after the parade, and in about the 5th inning he had TO GO.  Mike was watching the jumbotron (which Scooter was on THREE TIMES during the game!) and all of a sudden felt a warm dribble down his leg!  Scoots really had to go!  I then took him up top to get him to the pet restroom area and he didn't make it--he tinkled (like Austin Powers-esque pee) right outside the drink line!  I was mortified and so embarrassed!  I tried to get some paper towels and napkins to clean it up--everyone around thought it was hilarious--and impressive--about how much he went.  Oyyyy, Scoots.

Anyways, it was a great time at the game.  Scooter loved it so much and got so exhausted that he fell asleep in the 8th inning!  Haha!

We had a blast, and can't wait for next year to go again (and hope we can luck out with the weather again too!!)--hopefully Patrick will be able to go with us then!

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