35 Weeks 🌈


14 days. 336 hours.  That is IT until we meet this babe!! Officially just have one Monday left before the following one we are at the hospital at the crack of dawn to get checked in to meet this kiddo!!!

It feels so close and forever far away too...which I hate.  I do have a completely jam-packed next two weeks which will continue to help speed along the days and keep me and my mind occupied, but lately this baby is ALL I THINK ABOUT.  Well, this babe and Clark.  Because Timehop reminds me every single day what last year's October was like now and all of that swirling in my head coupled with the fact that we are hopefully having a healthy babe in two weeks and getting to bring him/her home -- unlike leaving empty handed last time -- is truly a complete mind whirl.  I've been even dreaming of my delivery lately (which I have NEVER done) and they are just weird, bizarre dreams intertwined with Clark's delivery.  Gah.  So yeah, anyone out there who wants to send fast-forwarding vibes me way: I'll take them!!!

I snapped my final birth of 2019 last week and boy did it feel good to get it done.  Gives me a little 'off call' time (aka not having to obsessively worry about rescheduling things if baby comes during something I had booked!) before this babe comes.  It was a super fast, easy delivery for mama so the perfect one to end 29 births captured in 2019 on!

More NSTs and my final 34 week ultrasound peek for this little bear with my high risk doc!  That little bear was measuring in the 50th percentile at 5.5lbs and even gave us over 30 seconds of breathing movements on the screen!!! I had my last appointment with my high risk doc and he guesstimates a 7.5lb babe at birth (OMG what will I do with a sub-9 pounder?!! 😅). He also recommended that since this little one is coming at 37 weeks to go ahead and do steroids to mature his/her lungs just cause he said so many peds are so NICU-admit happy for pre-39 weekers for even minor breathing issues, that doing these steroids would be a great idea to hopefully give this kid a good set of pipes (and bypass any breathing help) at birth.  I just finished taking those steroids late last week so I feel good that this kid's lungs are hopefully nice and mature when they are hatched in two weeks.  It does feel wild to think of having a sub-9 pound baby...so I did go buy some newborn clothes just to have too...cause I'm betting they are right and this kid will be in the 7 pound range.

Here's a fun little comparison snap of Patrick, Rosie, Annie and #5 at 35 weeks...a rare comparison pic this late in pregnancy cause I have like ZERO bump pics with Patrick! HAHA!

Other than that, not much else to report on this week other than just getting so excited and anxious and basically repeating that cycle over and over again!!!  What's wild is next week we'll celebrate 36 weeks and then just a day later celebrate Clark's 1st birthday in heaven.  Just surreal.  Gah.  Another thing to add on my plate to think about this week.  Anyways, until week 36 friends, adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Coconut
Cravings?Pizza rolls with ice cold chocolate milk
Overall mood?Excitedly Anxious. Terrified. Repeat.
Rings on or off?OFF. boo hiss. see you in November.
Movement?Tons...a lot of little subtle movements here and there
Linea Nigra?(still) supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

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