37 Weeks 🌈



And yes, I totally took my bump pic a few hours before 37 weeks (sue me) and am posting this at like midnight. haha.  Because when I usually write up and post these posts (Monday morning) we'll be on our way to the hospital!  I tossed together this lovely week 4 to week 37 bump video (and collage!) for you too...

So this past week...my last week of being pregnant like EVER -- cause yes, I've decided I'm getting my tubes taken out.  Like I talked about in my 9 sleeps to go post, I just CANNOT DO THIS AGAIN.  So we are doing the permanent birth control method (since it seems that Mike just looks at me and BAM! pregnancy happens!) while we're in there for my section and taking care of birth control forever.  And I am actually excited about it -- this is our bookend, our final bambino and I am just so excited to welcome this kid and close this chapter of my life.

I had my final 2 NSTs this week and this kiddo passed with flying colors! WOOT!  We had a great Halloween with the kiddos, I wrapped up the last of my photoshoots (shockingly was able to reschedule the couple that were rained out the week before AND get in all of my newborn clients who delivered in mid/late October too!!), got everything packed and cleaned and ready for this babe, and honestly, just FREAKED THE HECK OUT.

Most definitely lost some sleep this week -- not only am I uncomfortable, but my mind just races and races about this babe and him/her getting here safely.  I'm on constant high alert with movements and then once I convince myself that all is well in there I start getting paranoid about this babe being born and having to be whisked off to the NICU before we get to hold or see him/her.  GAHHHH! I keep praying SO HARD that that doesn't happen, that this babe has the perfect little guardian angel big brother watching over and that all will go well on Monday.  But still.  I am just so anxious and nervous!!

Sunday evening my buddy Tiffanie (who was in town from Michigan snapping a wedding this weekend and stayed an extra day so she could meet this little babe!!) snapped a few last minute bump pics for me and I JUST LOVE THEM.  GAH! They came out so perfect!  And full circle too -- this was the same dress I wore to announce this little rainbow babe coming in May.

Okay I could ramble on forever and ever about my feelings and I'm sure I'll recap all of that in this kiddo's birth story sometime later this week, so I am stopping myself now to force myself to sleep a bit before it's BABY TIME!!

Thanks for journeying along with me these past 33+ weeks...gahhhh! I cannot believe today is finally here! SO SO SO READY TO MEET THIS RAINBOW!  Alright friends, I'm out...it's almost baby time!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Winter Melon
Cravings?Pizza rolls with ice cold chocolate milk
Rings on or off?OFF. boo hiss. see you in November.
Movement?A lot more this past week!!!
Linea Nigra?(still) supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

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