Teddy's Studio Newborn Photos

When Teddy was a little over 2 weeks old, we had TWO different studio newborn sessions with some of my photography buddies!


And totally amazing that with our last little babe, our sweet rainbow, I had two (well three, cause one of the studios had two amazing photogs part of it!) photographer friends want to do studio newborns for him!

You all know studio pics are not my personal snapping jam -- I LOVE THEM but I cannot do them.  I'm all about the lifestyle...and leave those up to the professionals like my buddies Irene and Crystal with The Nest - Newborn Photography Studio and Stephanie with Stephanie Cotta Photography.

These below are all from The Nest -- Crystal and Irene totally ROCKED IT!  I am so obsessed with them and I love the rainbows they put in too!

And these are all from Stephanie -- I love that we got a few with me in it and some Christmas themed ones too!

I am so biased but man.  I just adore these pics of our perfect little bookend rainbow babe oh-so-much!!! I hope you do too!!!

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