Teddy's First Couple Weeks

So I have a to do list a mile long (of photog-related things...so I guess 'work' stuff. haha. still never really feels like 'work' to me because I just love what I do so much!) but alas, I'm ignoring it for now and typing up this here blog post for ya about Teddy's first couple of weeks of life!

In case you missed it, you can catchup with his birth story, fresh 48/meeting his big siblings, and NICU stay.

Last Wednesday, after 9 days in the NICU, Teddy came home!  Oh how sweet and wonderful it was and truly, all of the stress and agony of staying 9 days in the NICU melted away now that our little guy was HOME!

So the big kids are OBSESSED...like a million times more obsessed than I ever thought they would be and every waking second they're home they want to be holding Teddy.  It is the cutest thing EVER and I will never stop thrusting that little guy into their laps and letting them love up on their little brother...something that they missed out on last year.

I have no shortage of pics on my phone of them holding Teddy and they are literally my most favorite thing to look at! GAH!

I mean, Teddy and I have gotten our fair share of snuggles in too :)

So what else have we been up to since he got home?! Not a lot...I mean, SO MANY snuggles AND so much snoozing! HAHA!

But we have adventured out a few places in his 5 days of being home...including the grocery store, Target, ped and OB appointments, meeting his buddy Colin who is only 2 days younger than him, and grandma's house!

And naturally I had to bust out my camera too for a few photoshoot opportunities...including his 'just born' (zero months) pics, his rainbow onesie/big brother pics, and pics with Mike's new Stanley Cup badge!

And then we've snapped his one and two week pics -- that we are doing on his rainbow blanket with a different Applecheeks diaper on each week!  Simple and easy :)



He's gotten his first bath at home too, which he was pretty indifferent about.

Which, speaking of, he probably needs another one soon. Haha! His cord finally fell off (yay) so we can do a legit full bath now. WOOT WOOT!

So yeah, that's about it.  Still chaos and busy here but SO SO SO good.  Keeping up with all of the big kiddos activities and trying to remind myself to take it easy and slow down and RECOVER since I didn't seem to do a lot of that while he was in the NICU.

I'll end with two pics that I love...Teddy and his 32 week ultrasound pic (identical!!) and Patrick reading "Patrick and Ted" to Teddy -- a book grandma bought last spring before she even knew we were pregnant (and I didn't even know she had until now!) and it's just the most perfect book for these brothers.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this ramblin' all over the place little Teddy update!  I've sucked so bad blogging lately (sorrrrryyyy!) but dang life is crazy and busy and I am truly just trying to soak up each and every minute we have with our last little babe as much as possible.  Until next time...have a great week my friends!

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