1SE: 2019

Just like I did in 2018, I did another year long project with the 1SE (one second everyday) app: I took a one second (horizontal!) video every day of this year and BAM!  Here we are at the last day of 2019 and all 365 days are together in their wonderful video glory! (psssst! if you get my blog as an email, you won't see the videos embedded...so click on the blog title in the email to go to the web version where you can watch them ;-)

And, just because I shared all of the other individual months for 2019, here's December's video:

2019 was a great year -- one for the books indeed! (I know I keep saying that. haha!) But it truly was a wonderful year and such a great one after the tremendously hard one 2018 was.  2020 has some big shoes to fill and I cannot wait to see what it holds in store!  Stay tuned my friends...I'm sure there'll be another 1SE 2020 edition coming your way soon!!

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