Annie is Potty Trained!

You read that right.

Annie is officially potty trained!  And dear lord she was the easiest Mooney EVER to do this.  And I thought both Patrick and Rosie were but nope, Annie wins!

I was going to tackle this at Christmas, have Santa take her diapers back to the North Pole...but Thanksgiving weekend rolled around and I realized that we had nothing to do (minus some photo shoots for me) and the big kids were at the lake and IT WAS TIME.  So off went the diapers and on went the undies!  At first, Annie was a bit reluctant, but quickly (and I mean QUICKLYYYY) she decided WOW.  Going on the potty is easy and fun and let's do this!

And truly, that was it.  Honestly.  It took her a few times going on the potty for it to click and now she is completely potty trained.  She's had in the past 2 weeks since we ditched the diapers (still wearing them at night) just a few pee accidents and one poop accident (which was at school), but other than that all pee and poop has been in the potty!  I'm so shocked with how easily she's going (and initiating going on her own too!) -- but especially with #2.  I feel like getting that down took the older kids a bit longer to get the hang of.  Not Annie.  Man, she's got that down soooooo well!  Heck, her first time actually going on the potty she pooped too!!

I mean, I hate saying this for feeling like I'm going to jinx it, but this has really been soooo easy and truly seamless.  I'm a big proponent of waiting till kids are ready (which usually is closer to 3 for my kiddos) and them cutting off the diapers at once and BAM.  Just so easy.  And I'm praying Teddy goes the same route as his big siblings in a few years when it's time!

Anyways, short and sweet little life update that our Annie girl is potty trained!  Man, it feels SO GOOD to just have one kiddo in diapers now!  WOOT!!!  The end of our diapering days is in sight...kind of.  Haha!  At least we know Teddy is the last kiddo in them! :)

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