1SE: February 2020

Ahhhh, another month in the books!  1/6th of the way done with 2020...wonder if this year is gonna whiz by as fast as 2019 did?!?! We will see!!

This was another fun month...lots of growth and fun happenings for our family as we battled cabin fever and alllllll that jazz since it's been freaking cold and I feel like the days we have been able to get outside are quickly overshadowed by the cold, wet, icky days we are forced inside.

Cannot wait to see what the rest of 2020 holds in store...especially as the weather gets warmer! EEKKKK!!

And, while I've got you here, here's an update with #mooneygrateful366 as we are now two months down into 2020!

Here's to a great 2 months thus far...and hopefully a great 10 months to come!

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