Dancin' to the Halftime Show

Last night was the Super Bowl.  Yay Chiefs!  Yay Missouri!  Ever since we bid farewell to the Rams, we've kinda usurped the KC Chiefs as our football team to root for...and we are so happy they won the Super Bowl last night!

I took a quick shower at the end of the first half, and Mike came in just as I was getting out to tell me the halftime show was starting.  AWESOME!  I love watching the commercials and halftime show the best every year....so I got dressed and raced in to watch it.

Everyone was promptly perched on the couch to watch it...and then, as soon as the music started (I adore Shakira's music...and JLO too.  They remind me of what I use to listen to in high school!) the girls popped up and started dancing!

It was the cutest thing EVER.  Annie called JLO "Jello", which was hysterical, but honestly, they just loved watching the dancers sing and dance and all of the cool colors and effects on the TV.

I didn't see anything wrong with the halftime show -- I just heard some of my favorite 'take me back to high school' songs and my girls dancing like crazy to the music and dancers.

And then, the internet exploded after the halftime show.


No one had a problem last year with Adam Levine topless during his performance...but this year?! OH NO.  No no no.  These two women were so scandalous and controversial.  #eyeroll

I saw this post this morning and YES YES YES.  I couldn't agree more with this!

Kids don't know something is 'wrong' unless we tell them that.  Period.

Although I could go off on a tangent with this topic, I'm going to leave it here...and leave it with the fact that we really enjoy the show and music, and the girls had an absolute BLAST dancing to it...and there was nothing wrong with them doing that :)

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