Little Rainbow

I had a friend send me this shop...

...and I instantly had to order something.

Wells' story, and what his mama is doing to honor that story, resonated so deeply within me.  It's so similar to what I try to do with my 'Captures for Clark' and I just am so drawn to parents who are living loud and proud singing their little babe's legacy to anyone who'll listen.

Needless to say, as soon as Teddy's onesie (well, I ordered 2 so he could have one for when he got a bit bigger too!) came in, we had to have a photoshoot with it!

The entire onesie is a heirloom piece: completely handmade and unique to every one she does.

The details are impeccable and just so perfect.  A hand-painted rainbow on the front, and 'loved by an angel' on the back.  Just perfect.  I know Clark is smiling down so big on his little brother and I think of him, and sweet little Wells too, whenever Teddy will wear this onesie.

Of course since I had my camera out I had to sneak in some detail shots too...

Anyways, I just had to give a little shoutout to this amazing shop.  If you, or know of anyone who is having/had a rainbow babe, definitely check her out!  It's so worth the price tag, I promise.  I love supporting small shops, and love them even more when they're doing things to honor their babes who are no longer with us.

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