1SE: March 2020

Just a month ago I posted about how fast February whizzed by and how we were already 1/3rd of the way done with 2020.  And then this last month?  March?  It's felt like it's been a year long.  This has been the longest month EVER.  And COVID-19 is largely to blame for that.  And I'd be lying if I said I could see an end in sight to this quarantine business. UGH.

With that said, March is officially over and I'm hopeful April will bring a turn of events (in a good way!) with COVID-19.  I'm hoping and praying for that to happen this next month.  1/4th of the way done with 2020 and I'm PRAYING it's starting to swing up again and be an amazing year like 2019 was.

And, keeping with tradition, while I've got you here, here's my #MooneyGrateful366 uppy-date for you (91 days in!) too.

That's it friends!  Hopeful and excited to say goodbye to this month and hello to April and hopefully a whole bunch of positivities and upswings from this scary virus.  Fingers crossed. 

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