Teddy at 4 Months

GAHHHHH!  We are officially 1/3rd of the way through his first year and I cannot freaking believe it!  It is going so darn fast I cannot handle it...truly going by in an instant.  I knew it would -- especially after how slow my pregnancy seemed to creep by.

But yay!  Teddy is 4 months old today!

This big guy hit 17 weeks old on Monday soooooo I present you weeks 1 - 17 collaged-out for ya :)

And, keeping with our monthly tradition, we snapped a ridiculous amount of monthly pics (I cannot get over how darn cute these monthly onesies are from the amazing Swanky Shank!!) and I have to photo dump them here for ya.

We do have a 4 month checkup at the doc...but it's not until the end of the month (so almost 5 months!  My OCD doesn't like that...) -- so I leave you with my lovely mom stats until then.

I will be curious to see what the doc says about Ted's growth and such in a month...but for now, here's my lovely monthly observations:

  • Teddy weighs 15 pounds and 10 ounces and my guess is around 26 or so inches long (we'll find out later this month at his next appointment!).  He is the third smallest at 4 months -- Annie was about a pound smaller than he was at this age!
  • Ted graduated to 6 month and a few 6-9 month clothes.  I'd say he still has room in them size wise for some of the 3-6 month clothes BUT he's quite long so we had to move up and he's definitely got more room in the 6 month and 6-9 month sizes.
  • Literally right after I posted Teddy's 3 month post he started sleeping longer stretches!  Most nights he sleeps between 10-12 hours!  WOOT!  I'd say his average night sleep is down around 7:30/8pm and sleeps until 6:30/7am.  It's truly glorioussss!  He's the worst Mooney sleeper thus far which is comical because he's really a pretty amazing sleeper compared to most, just compared to his big siblings he's the worst in that department. haha!
  • Speaking of sleep, at 4 months this dude is still sleeping on our room!  We decided to wait until Patrick is out of school for the summer (so around 6.5 months old for Teddy) before we move them into the same room.  We want to make sure Teddy is sleeping solidly AND doesn't have early wake ups or middle of the night ones (which he has every once in a while...maybe once every other week a 2am screamfest where he needs to be fed ASAP. haha) and wakes Patrick up...which in the summer it doesn't matter but we don't want it to happen during the school year and screw up Patrick's sleep when he's got school the next day.  And honestly, since he's my last babe, I am holding onto having him in our room! (Well, kind of in our room -- he's in our closet/bathroom. haha. So it's like his own room!) Teddy has been on a Pack and Play mattress and that thing was so thin and weathered after nearly 7 years of use, so we bought him a legit 'mini crib' mattress and I swear he's slept even better the past few nights since we got him an actual MATTRESS to sleep on! haha!
  • Naps.  Yikes.  These are definitely hit or miss.  Haha!  Unlike I was with the girls, I am soooooo not as OCD/schedule nazi about naps with him.  We are quite busy and on the go most days and when we are home for naptime (for the girls) I tend to want to cuddle and snuggle with Teddy instead of laying him down for a nap.  I was religious about putting the girls down for a nap from 1-4pm when they were this age and not so much with Teddy.  He's my last babe and here I am breaking alllllll of my past kiddos' rules! HAHA! Oh well, he's got the rest of his life to nap.  I will say the few times I have actually put him down for an afternoon nap he goes right to sleep no problem no fuss in his crib, so I know he CAN do it.
  • I'd say Teddy nurses about 95% of the time...getting a bottle (between 6-8oz) every other or every three days or so.  Dude seems to prefer it straight from the source!  And he goes anywhere between 2-3 hours in between feeds during the day.  Honestly I don't keep super great of track of when he eats during the day, cause as soon as he starts fussing I put him on the boob.  I will say it's sooooo much nicer being home most of the time to feed him on demand -- didn't get that with any of the other kids.
  • Much like all of his big siblings, Teddy found his thumb (and even more so than he found it last month)!  He still will take a pacifier every now and again, but dude shoves that thumb in his mouth for instant self-soothing and it's truly the best thing EVER -- and I think is a huge contributor to why he sleeps such long of stretches.
  • Is definitely a happy camper when he gets worn in the Tula -- which isn't a ton, but we do do it a lot when we go shopping at the grocery store or Target.  He really likes those uppies and loves to look around and see everything going on around us while he's up on my chest.
  • Still hasn't rolled over...but I think he's close, at least for back to belly.  He'll get on his side a lot and I feel like just needs to roll over just a smidgen and he'll be on his tummy!  We totally suck at tummy time so he hasn't had a ton of practice to do belly to back, but I'm sure he'll get there soon.  All of my little turtles have rolled over eventually ;-) 
  • Likes sitting up and watching Baby Einstein (for maybe 15-20 minutes before he loses it. haha!) in his sit-me-up seat -- is getting better and better with his head control and I'm sure sometime this month we'll pop him in the bouncy seat thing so he can have fun with that.  He does like laying on his play mat too and swatting at all of the things hanging down from that as well.  But, again, his attention span is maybe 15ish minutes or so with an activity and then he's DONE and wants to be held. Haha!  And with that, he's so much better about being set down this month and not needing to be held 24/7...which is nice.  Mama here is more productive!
  • Went swimming for the first time and seemed to really like it!  I mean, he loves bath time so I think it's only natural he'd like the pool too.  I cannot wait for this summer and to bring him to the pool when he's sitting up and able to splash and play in the water and summer sun.
  • He's got sooooo many intentional smiles -- and his giggle is the best thing EVERRRRR.  I need to get it on video sometime because it really is the sweetest, cutest little giggle you've ever heard.  It definitely melts my heart!
  • Nicknames include: Ted, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Tedward, Teddy Bear, Teddy Graham...just to name a few.
  • Is truly the happiest, chillest, easiest going babe EVERRRRR and we are so happy to have him in our family!!

And now my favorite part: comparison shots!

And lastly, all of the kiddos at 4 months old!  How different they all look, huh?! And how my photo taking abilities have improved over the years. haha!!

And that's it friends!  Another month in the books with our sweet little Teddy bear.  Oh little man, what a dream baby you are!  

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