Catching Up

I have SO SLACKED with keeping up with my posts.  I feel like a week (or more! sorry!) goes by and BAM!  I have a crapload of content I need to dump on ya here on the blog.  And then I get super motivated and crank out like 4 posts at once.  Sorry.  Not really.

Okay!  So where did I leave off nearly 10 days ago?!  Killing time and staying home.  And guess what?!  We've been doing the same damn thing since.  The big kids got back from Florida over a week ago and no one has left the house.  I mean, we have -- we've gone on more walks and adventures (and we did go on a hike! more on that later) than we probably ever have, which is awesome and a total silver lining (especially with the nice weather lately and it's not blazing hot or freezing cold) but damn.  I miss the old ways of life.  I miss our busy schedule and routine and school and activites and TAKING PICTURES FOR OTHER PEOPLE!  GAH!  I am hoping and praying so hard that this peaks soon and we can get back to normal life SOON.  It seems like forever and ever now and I'm hoping by the end of 2020 we look back and are like "That really wasn't so bad."  Praying for that.

Anywho, I've got an onslaught of a photo dump for ya.  Sorry.  Not really.  I REALLY need to get back in my bloggity bloggin' habit and not wait until these all pile up for me to unload cause then it just seems super overwhelming and gahhhh no.  Then I don't want to do it and put off blogging.  Ick.  Not ideal.  I do have more time on my hands and I love writing and need to get better and blogging here.  Which, speaking of, I think I'm going to do a 'day in the quarantine life' blog post soon that details our day, start to maybe someone else out there can feel a bit of solidarity to the chaos they're experiencing too.

OKAY!  So we have spent a ridiculous amount of time outside -- riding bikes and scooters and taking walks and playing and a million other things.  The big kids LOVE it and Ted LOVES getting outside too.  As much as I hate how restricted things are, I am grateful for all of this time with my kiddos.

Hot dang that was a lot of pics wasn't it?! Sorry.  I warned you about the photo dump!  And Teddy got to swing for the first time and he LOVED it!

The kids have been really loving bath time lately too...and I've whipped out my camera a few times too to capture their pics and loving the bubbles we let the blow too!

I'm way jelly of their bath fun btw.

So homeschooling.  Gosh I HATE calling it that.  Because we're not.  It's more like distance learning.  Or schoolwork done at home indefinitely.  Anyways, the kids have been doing decently with it.  Some days it's been a struggleeeeeee.  More days than not, actually.  And since we've got at least a few more weeks of this, hopefully we'll get into a routine and things will go smoother.  But we basically do a solid hour or two of school work in the morning and that's it.  The rest of the day we spend playing, doing art projects, watching movies, reading, having iPad time, cooking and baking, and hopefully lots of learning in those activities.  I'm trying to let me OCD go a bit that we DO NOT have to get every single thing done that Patrick and Rosie's teachers send...easier said than done.

Patrick clearly really misses school.  His school's message board still had a very cheery message so we went to the neighboring school to take pics at with the depressing message to commemorate this time.

Overall I think the kids are starting to settle in and adjust well to our new temporary normal.  They ask every day about when they can go back to school and see their friends and I HATE that I don't have a definite answer for them.  Zoom and FaceTime really has helped a lot.

One of the things Patrick has been enjoying doing is cooking!  We've cooked more home meals than like EVER the past few weeks and Patrick has really been enjoying helping out with the cooking.

He's even started his own "Patrick Cooks" segment that he wants to make more of!  Stay tuned for those!

The girls still had dance class this week -- online through Zoom!  It actually went pretty well and was super cute watching them do their classes in the basement.

I know they're anxious to get back to their regular class SOON...and so am I! 

Oh, the kids have found our old karaoke machine too and they have been OBSESSED with it, especially singing "Shut Up and Dance With Me" over and over again.  Cutest thing ever.

Lastly, I'll end with these silly pics of Annie from our walk this week...golly she cracks me up.  I posted them on social media that Annie is currently ALL OF OUR MOODS.  Amen to that.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this photodumpy post.  Hope everyone is healthy, staying safe, and staying at home!  Hopefully we'll be able to see the end of this sooner than later.  Fingers crossed.

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