Six Flags Adventures

There haven't been too many glimpses of normalcy this summer...a lot of our usual go-to activities (camps, the Zoo, playdates with friends, the pool, etc...) are anything but what we remember them being.  It's tough. And sucks. A lot.  And I'll probably complain about it on every post I write here until that magical vaccine comes out and hopefully things can get back to the way we remembered them being...

Anyways, on Thursday (Mike finally had a day off!) we decided to surprise the big kids with a family trip to Six Flags!  Teddy hung out at NeeNee's...

...and the rest of us went to the park!  Now everyone but Teddy and I have a season pass, but it was a special 'bring a friend for free' day so Annie brought me as her friend.

While Six Flags has been back opened for a month or so, it's definitely different.  Masks are required 100% of your visit (minus water rides) and the park is supppppper limited in how many visitors it is allowing in.  You have to have a reservation and can only come during that time or after.  However, with that, I will say the park is as clean as I've ever seen it, there is literally hand sanitizer every few feet it seems, regular cleaning of the rides, social distancing reminders everywhere (and the rides are spaced out so there's empty seats in front and behind you), and so much more.  We felt just as safe there as we do playing in our backyard...cause really there wasn't anyone else there!

All of the rides we were able to literally just walk on and ride -- many of them we stayed on for a second or third ride cause there was no one in line!  So that was nice -- I hated crowds before COVID made it cool to hate them. haha

We had a blast.  Truly.  We seemed to forget all about the craziness in the world for a few hours and just enjoyed ourselves and rode the rides and had so much fun.  The big kids were just wonderful and so well-behaved.  Patrick rode a lot of the rides solo in his own row, and that just seems SO OLD TO ME!  The big 3 really seem like such big kids now and so far removed from the little babies I seem to always think they are.  We had momentary glimpses of a Disney adventure in the next few years...and that made me super excited too!  I cannot wait to go back to Disney with all of the kids and see the magic again through their eyes.

All in all, it was a great day.  I'd totally recommend hitting up Six Flags if you're local and need a little escape -- because it is sooooooo dead.  Like the perfect time to go because you can be there just for a few hours and ride everything a million times and still stay far away from people yet have some fun.  If there's another friends day coming up, we may have to go back!

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