Ted's New Ride

After a flock of kids, there is shockingly one baby item we have never owned: a walker!

I have always heard mixed reviews on these and if they are good for kids 'walking' or not...and, welp, all of that went out of the window when I came across this Mustang one that Teddy just HAD TO HAVE! (Thanks Aunt Kate for that!)

Since we have all hardwoods on the main level, I was like, "This will be a perfect adventure toy for Ted to use!" And maybe, just maybe this kid -- who loves to stand! -- will actually be our first to walk before a year old!

Anyways, he has been LOVING it.  The big kids love pushing him around in it and he loves pushing all of the buttons and hearing the noises.

Rosie clearly loves snapping pics of him in it (NO IDEA where she got that from. haha!!) -- and, well, I think Ted really loves his new set of wheels!

What's awesome about it is that it comes apart so when Teddy does start walking, a little bar comes up and he can push the car part across the floor as a walker!  Pretty nifty.

Anyways, Ted is sure loving his new ride -- and I think the big kids definitely are too!!

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