Enterting the Etsy World

Earlier this week I posted about how I created this stats print for Patrick's one year birthday.  I then thought, boy, I bet it'd be super easy to make a similar stat print for his birth...so I did it!  Once I got my template made in Photoshop, I whipped up a few more stats prints for a few of my friends' kiddos.

I had a few friends--okay, like ten of them--tell me I needed to open an etsy shop and put these stat prints on there so people can order them!  Although I've bought my fair sure of handmade goodies from etsy, I've never actually sold anything.  So, I went ahead and created an etsy shop where I am selling these stat prints--and not just birth stats, but yearly stats, wedding stats, really any stats you could think of!--for only $10.

So, my "Pics & Paws" etsy shop is officially open!  I only have this one listing right now, but if my love-hate-more-of-a-love-lately relationship with Photoshop stays, maybe I'll have some more printables I could add to it.  Anyways, yay for stats prints!

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