Nighttime Dipes

Since we are now officially washing our own dipes (bye bye diaper service!), we are now using cloth dipes at night too.  The past year we've only used cloth during the day; the prefold + wrap combo we used (that the diaper service provided us) didn't lend itself well to night time use: little man would always break out in a nasty rash on his tummy, so instead of having to mess with washing the night time ones ourselves, we just went with the easy route of using disposables at night.

I had to do some intense research and investigative work to land at the dipe and fluff stuffing that would work for us at night.  After talking to a couple of my cloth buddies (thanks a bunch Tiff!!) and the super helpful ladies at Cotton Babies, we landed with this for our nighttime dipe solution: a BumGenius FreeTime diaper with a hemp soaker underneath. 

When Patrick has this on, "fluffy bum" is an understatement: dude has a huge badonkadonk!  Haha!  (Will try and capture a picture of that soon--'tis super cute to see)  But, it is super duper absorbent and after a couple nights on his bum for 12+ hours, we have concluded that this dipe + insert combo works great and is going to hold up (for now at least!) as our nighttime dipe.

After a successful night of no leaks and Patrick waking up feeling "dry" (thank you "stay dry" insert!), I went out and bought a few more of these same BumGenius FreeTime dipes (and, score! I had a $4 off coupon for EACH so instead of $20 a piece they were only $16! yay!) that we'll use at nighttime.  We only have 4 (right now...hehehe I'm sure we'll get more soon!) but I figured we'll be doing diaper laundry every 2-3 days, so these will last us until we wash again.

I did get a few other inserts to use in our Applecheeks dipes--I think we'll use these for nap time so little man can stay nice and dry during naps.

Anyways, I'm super excited this is my last week of school (yay!!) and that I get to spend the entire summer with my little man...and washing our own dipes along the way!! YEE HAW for fluffy bum (washing) happiness!

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