Google Glass

A little over a year ago, I got selected to be one of the original Google Glass Explorers to help pilot the new Glass program.

First off, if you have no idea what Google Glass is, watch this:

I definitely have not used Glass as much as I'd like--I've done a few things, did a couple teaching "throughglass" videos, but not as much as I'd really have liked...however, I'm committed to really using it to its full potential more this summer!--but the things I have done with it have been awesome.  I can't wait to capture so many new places and experiences with my Glass this summer...more on that soon.

I love the vignette feature you can use to capture what you're currently "Glass-ing" and the picture you just snapped.  Here are a few of my favorite vignettes I've captured.

remember the "polar vortex" from this past winter?! BRRRRRRRRRR.

Last night I thought I'd do a "behind the scenes" through Glass look at one of Scootie's Beggin' photo shoots.  Yes, only 15 seconds (had to make sure it would fit on Instagram!), but I think it shows a nice little glimpse into what Scooter really acts like for a photo shoot...which is pretty much exactly how he looks in the pictures: incredibly cooperative and patient.

I really wish I could have gotten my Glass to record what I was looking at through my camera's viewfinder...oh well.  Here's the final {unedited} product of the pic I snapped in this pic:

I thought I'd then snap a quick video of Scooter {attempting} catching his favorite Beggin' Party Poppers...kind of Scooter's own #instacatchingchallenge :)

In writing this post I am going to really commit myself to use my Glass more--there's SOOOOO much out there for them to do and see, and I want to capture all of it!

Also, whenever #2 comes along, thinking about "Glass-ing" the birth...obviously nothing R-rated, but seeing the birth of a child from the mother's (or father's, in my case, since it'll be a c-section) perspective.  Pretty cool idea, eh?!!

Here's a couple adorable smiling Patrick and Patrick giving Scoots a back rub #throughglass photos to end this post with.  Enjoy :)

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