Mother's Day

Wowza.  What a weekend!  And to cap it off, celebrating my second (wow, can't believe that!) Mother's Day with family.  It was awesome.  More on that in a bit.

My Timehop app reminded me this was a year ago (last Mother's Day)...I don't remember him ever being this tiny!

The weekend started off on Saturday with a photo shoot for me with little Levi--if you didn't catch my pics from his session, definitely check them out here.  Dude is a little ham!!

After some Patrick playtime and a solid 3.5 hour nap, mama got some girl time with her friends for some shopping and sushi, which, I want to add, neither of them I like, but I put that aside for some much needed lady time and chat with my buddies.  So, if any of my friends are reading this, know that your company trumped any anti-shopping anti-sushi sentiment I have.

I had a great time at our LadyDate--I did end up shopping--not for me though, for Patrick (duh)...I mean, how could I resist snagging him these amazing Hawaiian-themed shorts?! 

And I didn't get sushi, cause it's yucky, but I did get some ah-mazing crab rangoon (which deceivingly looked like egg rolls, but I tried them anyways and LOVED them).  Plus, all my buddies being able to step away from our kids, hubbies, boyfriends, and hub-bub of life craziness to have several hours of girl time and chit chat was awesome.  We should make this a regular thing.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  My boys had already gotten me a new band for my ring finger (I posted about this a couple weeks ago...I was too anxious to wait to get it!), so I told Mike the only thing I wanted for Mother's Day was donuts.  If I got donuts, I'd be a happy mama.

When we got up on Sunday Mike did indeed deliver: donuts for everyone!  Patrick was especially happy to have another tasty donut grace his tastebuds again.

I was surprised though that the boys did get me a few other things: my favorite m&ms and a new police tshirt in royal blue!  EEEEEKKKK!  My favorite tshirt color!  And an appropriate police shirt that I can wear to school!  Double yay!!  I was super surprised and happy that I had something along with the donuts to open.

We actually didn't have anything planned during the day for Mother's Day--which was awesome.  We took Patrick and Scooter to the park, where they both enjoyed some intense swinging.

I got Patrick a pair of sunglasses from the Oshkosh outlet during our LadyDate and he (shockingly!) kept them on while we were playing at the park!  How freaking cute does he look in them?!

Then, of course, I had to get a family sunnies selfie too, because I just couldn't resist capturing all of us in our shades.

We then all went home and took a nap--me especially, because I woke up Sunday morning with a stiff neck/shoulder.  I don't know if I slept wrong or what, but man, it hurttttt.  And it wasn't just my neck, it went into my shoulder/back.  And as I sit here writing this post it is still killing me.  I really hope I just slept funny again or pulled something and it's not anything else.  Oyyyyy.  

We did host a big Mother's Day BBQ at our house Sunday night.  What started off as just having a few family members over snowballed into having TWENTY people over!  It was great though--and I'm so glad everyone could make it.  Our new house is definitely built for hosting shindigs--even with 20 people over we all ate comfortably in the dining room and there was enough seating outside and in the family room for people to relax before and after dinner as well.

There were lots of mamas in attendance: my mom, Mike's mom, both of my grandmas, my sister-in-law Katie, my aunt Mary, and Patrick's godmother aunt Kate!  We actually had a little photo shoot last week and snapped some pics of Lizzy and Patrick so we could get those pics printed and give to the mamas as their Mother's Day gifts.  These are a couple of the pics we snapped and had framed for all of the mamas in our lives.  It wasn't much, but I hope they saw it as how much we love them and how much we love that they're a huge part of their grandson/nephew's life.  Words can't describe how much that means to me (and Mike).  And mom, if you're reading this, thank you for setting such an amazing example for me of how to be the best mama out there.  I know I won't match you, but I hope I can get pretty darn close.


Of course I didn't miss the opportunity for a few family pictures (an impromptu photo shoot) to be taken either.  How grown up does Patrick look?!!  And how adorable is my niece Lizzy?!  I can't handle it!


My favorite.

All in all it was a fantastic Mother's Day (minus my stupid crick in my neck) and I cannot wait for many many more Mother's Days in the future!   

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