Abby's Wedding Weekend

Holy Toledo, what a weekend!  So unbelievably fun yet so exhausting at the same time.  I'm still exhausted (yes, even more so after a busy weekend and all day of work today!) and am soooo looking forward to our upcoming Florida vacay to (hopefully!) relax and RELAXXX some more.

OKAY!  Onto Abby's wedding weekend recap, cause I know you're super duper excited about it!  'Twas super busy, but we all had a blast and we are so happy to welcome Stuart into our family!  Wait.  I guess I should do a little "Who the heck is Abby?!" intro first.  Okay then.  My dad's mom (Goose) is one of 5 girls...her youngest sister Peggy has two daughters, Leslie and Margaret.  Abby is Margaret's we are like 2nd cousins once removed???  Something like that.  Anyways, Abby is part of my dad's extended family...but also in our group of friends and is one of our besties!

I should point out that I was a wittle anxious about this weekend because of the logistics of everything: Patrick was the ring bearer, I was a bridesmaid, and had to figure out coordinating of the kids, feeding Rosie, pumping, and a ton of other stuff.  I SURVIVED!  And it went just fine...much to my anxieties' happiness.

Friday night we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and SHOCKINGLY our little ring bearer Patrick did amazingly well.  He walked down the aisle with Charlotte just like he was suppose to AND was very good at dinner, thanks to choo choos on dad's iPhone and some cookies.  Lots and lots of cookies.

WHEW.  One thing I was super worried about was how Patrick would do walking down the aisle.  If you remember from my post last year about Erin and Curtis' wedding, Patrick was sick sick sick and didn't walk down the aisle--Mike carried him screaming.  Lovely.  I didn't want that to happen again, but didn't know how his 2.5 year old self would do this time.  Fortunately after the rehearsal I was optimistic he'd do just fine walking down the aisle with the flower girl Charlotte.

5:45 Saturday morning came wayyyy too fast, but I was up and at 'em ready to tackle the wedding day!  My buddy Lauren picked me up at 6:45am and we were off to get our hairs and makeup did!

I am the easiest person ever when it comes to up-dos.  I said, "I like braids.  You do you."  And let the hair gal go at it.  I think she did and awesome job with my Katniss-style side braid and messy bun.  Win in my book!  For my makeup I said the same thing, "I don't ever wear makeup.  So put some on but not too much to make me look like a French whore."  BOOM.  It worked again!

We were at the hair place from 7am - 10am, so we had some breakfast munchies and I pumped (on the floor of the bathroom--nice.) and then we headed to the church.

Mike met us at the church with Patrick and Rosie--Rosie was wearing one of my old dresses (LOVE!) and Patrick was running around in his cute little bow tie and suspenders like a wild man before the ceremony.

I DIEEEE.  He was so cute!  And so happy.  Gahhhh!  It makes my heart smile!  I even got to watch him walk down the aisle because he came down after I was the cutest thing ever (biased!  I know!!).

Yeah, no one cares about me walking down...they wanted to see the kiddos, then, most importantly, the bride!  But I threw in an action aisle shot (or two!) of me here for good measure :)

UMMMMM, STAHPPP!!  Right?!!  How cute are they?!  They did amazing and walked down the entire aisle.  Gosh, I could watch them down that over and over again it was so cute!  Charlotte is my buddy Courtney's oldest (she's 4.5) and she did awesome with Patrick, guiding him down the aisle with her.  SO CUTE.

Okay, enough Alex...onto the wedding!  So yeah, the wedding went great!  Abby and Stuart were hilarious on the alter (as always!) and it was such a good ceremony.

After a few snaps at the church, we loaded up the party bus and headed out for more pics while I bid Mike adieu and he took both kiddos home for their afternoon siestas.

covering our cleavage.  classy.

I honestly (shockingly!!) don't have many more pics from the dress didn't have a pocket and I didn't have a good spot for my phone to go, so it stayed on the bus a lot.  Oops.  Hoping Abby and Stuart's photog got some good snaps that we'll get to see soon!

Lauren and I had a blast on the bus together...we really only knew each other so it was fun to par-tay with her and not feel like the lone duck on the party bus.  Ha!

With Joe, Abby's dad.

Abby and Stuart were kind enough to make a pit stop (for me??) back at their hotel before the reception so I could pump.  Ohhhhh, how happy the girls were for that!  Pumping is not ideal at any time--but it's something I make time to do!--but especially during a wedding you're in.  Fortunately everything worked out with that and me and the girls were happy campers!

There was a photobooth at the reception and, again, shocker, these were the only pics I was in!  Mike and I totally didn't get one together (boo hiss :( and it kinda felt like my wedding where there were a zillion people to talk to and not enough time to do it!  Haha!

Oh, I should mention their wedding was at the same church AND reception place Mike and I had ours 3.5 years ago!  So it was fun to kinda relive all of the festivities that we did for our day, but on the other side of the celebrating.

We got home about 10pm from the reception and I was completely spent.  So.exhausted.  It was such a whirlwind of a past few days I just wanted to sleeeeeeepppp, and that I did.  Sunday I could have stayed in bed all day, but we had a friend's birthday party and I had a photoshoot then we had Mike's mom's birthday Sunday was busy too!  I can sleep when I'm dead, right?!  RIGHT!  But I'm determined to power through these next few days of school and then off to Florida we go!  You know there'll be about a zillion blog posts about that, just you wait and see!  Hehehehe!  Have a great one friends!

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