Weekly Round-Up

I realized that the only posts I've done for the past week or so are milestone/event posts...HalloweenPatrick at 2.5 Years Old, and Rosie at 7 Months.  So yeah, besides that, I haven't shared all of the riveting (j/k) and fun stuff we've been up to!  Actually, we've been kinda boring-sauce lately, but I've snapped some fun and cute pics that I want to share, so, PHOTO DUMP comin' at ya!

I have been CRAZY busy with photo sessions...I have 2 more this weekend and have had what feels like a zillion the past month!  The fall weather (see above) has been absolutely gorgeous and I love love LOVE being able to snap pictures this time of the year, and feel very (busily!) blessed to have gotten to do it so much thus far.

Speaking of, the other morning my mom text me that there was a pretty sunrise a'happenin' at 6:30am so I whisked my always willing photo subject outside with my 6D and snapped some pics.  I think we just missed the really awesome sunrise she was referencing, but still got some cute fall pics of Scoots nonetheless.

And while I'm on the Scooter subject, he was also willing to be the subject of a very foggy morning snap (on my iPhone, edited in Snapseed) earlier this week as well.  That pup of ours is sure the best and always so cooperative.  I wish Patrick would take his lead sometimes.

The kiddos had fun at my parents house earlier this week, especially on the faux tractor equipment Patrick was hauling Rosie around in.  He can just barely reach the pedals to drive, so in another few months I think he'll be able to reach them perfectly and cruising around like crazy.  Rosie obviously was a fan of her tractor pullin'.

So if you read Rosie's 7 month old post, you'll know she's still not rolling over...or crawling...but sister bear will stay on all 4s (well, knees and hands) for a bit looking oh-so-determined like she's gonna crawl.  I'm sure she'll be moving before I know it, but her determined look of wanting to crawl but not wanting to cracks me up.

I mean, this girl is always so smiley lately!  I just love it and love her oh-so-much.

My lovely grandma "great" (my mom's mom) turned 87 years old this past week and we got the whole extended fam bam together for a little celebration for her.  I think she loved having all 7 of her kiddos and the majority of their families there with her!

I've lost count how many grandkids and great grandkids she has...but, as you can see, it's a LOT!  And that's not even all of us!  We were missing quite a few off at college or living out of state.

Tuesday this week was voting day and although I was bummed the prop I wanted to pass didn't, I loved getting these pics from Mike when he took both kids to vote...and walked there!  He wore Rosie in the Tula and pulled Patrick in the wagon.  Hubba hubba -- and dad of the year in my book.

Speaking of Mike, he made this ahhhhhmazing shrimp pasta dinner earlier this week and as I type this I'm hoping I can convince him to make it again soon...like tonight!  It was so flippin' good...

Patrick was a HUGE fan of it (as was I!).  Well done, Mike.

Patrick has upped his selfie game with me and I love it so much -- he likes to make weird faces and mimic what I'm doing now and it's like the most amazing thing ever.

Per usual, Patrick is obsessed with his little sister and loves playing with her in any capacity possible -- even if it's laying on her or pushing her in his shopping cart.  It is so darn cute how much he is obsessed with her and it melts my heart to see him lovin' on her.

I don't care if it's "too early" for winter/Christmas stuff, I absolutely love this babywearing snow(wo)man diaper cover and it finally fits Rosie so BOOM, on it goes.  And, those rolls.  I.die.

Here's some bathtime Rosie rolls for you too.  Gahhhh!  Little chunk!

Early-monring Rosie smiles for you--since this week Mike's on days so I drop her off at Mike's dad's or my mom's house on my way to school and she always is so hap-hap-happy (duh, she just ate) and wearing spit-up and drool-free clothing...so, duh, of course I need to snap a pic to document that.

Doesn't it look like Rosie karate-chopped Scooter?!  I think she really wants to do that to him cause he lick attacks her oh-so-much and I'm sure she's vying for retaliation.

And I'll end with this pic...nice and big for you to see :)  It might be my new favorite picture of Rosie, who's just big enough now to sit in the bathtub without her bath seat and enjoy playing with the bubbles and toys.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Mine is busy with photo shoots and open house alllll day long on Sunday (but we're off Monday, so hooray for that!) -- and then next weekend is my cousin Abby's wedding who Patrick is the ring bearer in! (and I'm a bridesmaid, but not as cute. haha!).  Have a good one peeps!

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