Rosie at 7 Months

Rosie girl is seven whole months old today!  Honestly, I feel like I was just typing up her 6 month post and BAM!  It's November (WHAT????!!) and Rosie is 7 whole months old.  I swear it's going by 100000 times faster than Patrick's first year did.

Rosie is growing like a weed.  I swear each day she discovers something new and acts way different than she did even the day before.  She's sitting up on her own like a pro, will stay on hands and knees for a bit before toppling over, can scoot pretty well on her back, and so much more!  She seems to really study things that she's got her hands on--and really try and grab things that are within her reach.  She absolutely adores her big brother Patrick and loves watching everything he does.

OMG people, I was able to get ALL 30 weeks of Rosie pics into one square collage!  Sound the alarms!  This is amazing and I feel so proud of please really enjoy the niceness and uniformity to the picture collage below.

Rosie is still gaining weight consistently, but definitely slower than she did her first few months.  She's still on just mama's milk (more on that later!) so I know that's working for her for now getting all the food and nutrients she needs.

Ahhhhh, your favorite part of my monthly blog posts, right?!!  Mom stats!  We don't go back to the doctor for another well-check (and hopefully NOT A SECOND BEFORE! #pleasenoonegettheflu) until she's 9 months old, so you're going to just have to live with my unofficially official mom stats.
  • Rosie weighs in at 21 pounds and 2 ounces -- up exactly a pound from last month!  I bet she's about 27.5 or 28 inches long, if I had to guess (she was 26.75 at her 6 month check up)--definitely shorter than her big brother was at this age, but weighs more!  I think she hides food in her cheeks, by the way.
  • Still wearing all 18 month clothes (and a few 24 month for those brands, ahem, GERBER, who run very small).  Pants are a smidgen long, but fit nice and snug around her waist, so we just roll them up and she's good to go!  All of her winter stuff I have in 18 and 24 month, so she better stick around in this size for a while :)
  • Still hasn't rolled over.  This is beyond comical to me, cause she can sit up (for over a month now!) unassisted, can stay in an all-fours crawling position, and can support herself standing up against something (or even holding onto something if I stand her up that way)...but, sister bear is so darn lazy and hasn't rolled over.  I truly think she can, she just doesn't want to.  She will sleep on her side sometimes and literally is this.close. to rolling over to her belly if she wants, but doesn't.  Whatever, I'm not concerned or anything because she's hitting every other milestone just fine!
  • Has some chunky teeny feet--they are super fat and still kinda small, maybe barely a size 3.  She does have a ton (thank you aunt Kate!) of cute little fabric shoes that will grow with her to wear and keep her feet warm, so that's good!  
  • Just as I said last month, Rosie is a great sleeper.  Will do a 10-12 hour stretch every night.  If it's a 10 hour, she gets up, eats, and goes back to sleep for another couple hours.  I am (still!) guilty of waking her up during the week at 6:30am to feed her (if she isn't squawking at me already!) to feed her then put her back to sleep (if Mike's working nights)--or then I get her up and take her to my parents or Mike's parents.  She'll usually take a cat nap for 20ish minutes in the morning when she gets up before 7am before her one big nap a day (usually around 3 hours, give or take) from 1-4pm.  And she never cries when she wakes up, just kind of talks and babbles.  It's so cute to get a happy baby up from their slumbers!
  • Still just on breastmilk.  We plan on starting solids (with some baby-led weaning (BLW) mixed in as well) sometime this month, probably when we get back from Florida for Thanksgiving.  I think she is almost ready for solids, and since we've waited longer I think she'll be better about eating them and more coordinated to hold her own food when we do some BLW stuff.  Our doc did tell us to start immediately after her 6 month appointment, so as not to have any food aversions, but after talking with several people as well as doing some reading and research on my own, I feel totally fine waiting until 7.5 or 8 months to start solids with her.  I'm sure at my 8 month post you'll hear allllll about our food adventures with miss Ro Ro.
  • Rosie has TWO teeth!  Her bottom two teeth came in right after she turned 6 months (well, one came in right before 6 months, one right afterwards), and they are sharp little things.  She's bitten me a few times (dear lord, that hurts so.freaking.bad.) but it's fine--I'm powering through it and hoping we can make it a year nursing...if she doesn't bite my nips off first.  I bet her top teeth will probably be coming in sometime soon--like real soon (cause holy swollen gums and white caps!), since she seems to be following Patrick's teething path.  We've had zero issues with teething thus far (knocking on wood as I type this!), so hopefully that continues.  We have her amber anklet/necklace on most of the time, so hopefully that's helping any teething issues!  I swear I've felt her top teeth coming in too, but it's probably my mom goggles again...but I really think they're gonna be coming in soon!  They feel huge and swollen!
  • Sits up all by herself so well!  She's not completely rock-steady on her tushy, but way better than she was a month ago.  She still likes to really lean forward when she's sitting (and try and eat her feet!), and even when she's laying down she's always lurching her back forward trying to sit up.  It's so cute.  I think she prefers to be sitting up (unless she's sleeping!) than laying down.
  • Not really mobile (yay! I'm in no hurry for her to move!) yet, but seems to be able to scoot herself on her back or pull herself on her tummy a wittle bit if she wants to or wants to get something.  At night we put her at the end of her crib with her feet touching the rails then in the mornings her head is always touching the rails on the opposite end!  
  • Still is a big thumb sucker.  It's her go-to comfort object (minus the boob) and whenever she's sleepy or tired in goes the thumb.  Usually it's her left thumb, but she does go back and forth with her right thumb too.
  • LOVES her bouncy seat thingy that she sits in a lot.  I think she likes the feeling that she's standing and the little floor thing gives a little bounce that she likes as well.  She loves playing with the toys on there and studying them closely as she's playing with them, especially her Oreo teething toy.  She LOVES that thing.
  • Loves riding in the Tula, either on the front or back.  Whenever we get her in it she is perfectly content and happy, no matter what we're doing, even taking pictures!  A lot of the time if she's in it for a while she will doze off and fall asleep--magic baby dust the Tula has!
  • Rosie absolutely adores her big brother Patrick.  He can make her smile and giggle like no one else, and he always has to be holding her hand or touching her arm or hugging her.  It is the cutest thing EVER.  I hope it lasts forever and ever and they never ever fight or hate each other (keep dreaming, Alex).
  • Likes to watch people and always see what's going on, and loves to watch things on TV or the iPad.  When I'm trying to feed her in the family room it's kinda difficult cause she wants to wretch her head around to see the TV or what Patrick/Mike is doing instead of eat!  She is a curious little thing!  And, just like her big brother, she loves Baby Einstein.  That will hold her attention for a good while if need be.
  • Moved out of her infant seat into a convertible carseat!  I think she likes it better cause she's sitting up a bit more and can see out of the window.  Patrick is able to see her better now too in the backseat and is always reaching for her arm or hand.
  • Still is a talker!  She will babble on and on and on for a good long while.  Seems like she's always got something to say in her Rosie language and it's just the cutest thing to have pretend conversations with her.
Here's 0 to 7 months (in 8 pics!) of Rosie!  My oh my how she's been a'changing!

And, my favorite, Patrick at 7 months vs. Rosie at 7 months.  Love these two little non-look-alike cucumbers more than ANYTHING.

BONUS pics this month for you (exciting, isn't it?!!) -- a few candid shots in between attempting to get a smiling monthly sticker pic.

Okie dokie friends, that's about all I've got for Rosie at 7 months!  In a couple months (9 months) I'll be able to actually reference A BLOG POST about what Patrick was like at 9 months!  I still regret not blogging the first 9 months of his life (boo hiss) but I'm glad I did get back on the bloggin' horse and start back up...especially as Rosie and future kiddos get here so I have comparisons (aka digital baby book!) to look back upon!

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