2015 in Review

I decided to go ahead and do a 2015 year in review just like I did last year for 2014...seeing as 2015 is coming to a fast close and I wanted to use the blog here to do a fun little look back and recap on my top 10 favorite highlights for 2015....so!  Without further adieu, here it goes!

10. New Friends!

First off, all of these top 10s I like to have some visuals to go along with...but besides screenshotting their profiles (creepy) or screenshotting conversations (even creepier), I couldn't think of any visuals to include here...so you just get some writing from me!

Mike makes fun of me endlessly about this, saying that my "social media" friends can't really be deemed 'friends' if I've never met them.  I call complete BS on that, because I have made so many new insta-friends this year that I have yet to meet in person (but hope to one day!) but absolutely 100% call my friend!  Some of them we have even exchanged emails and phone numbers and chit chat that way too, mostly about mama and cloth diaper stuff.  2015 was really full of meeting some great new people online and I really cherish their friendships--albeit virtual, for now!--and love following their journeys online!  So, if you're one of my new buddies reading this: HIIIIII!  I love you!  I'm so glad our feeds have crossed!!

9. Picture-Snapping

I.love.taking.pictures.  2015 brought me some amazing AMAZING photo gigs (my first wedding! oodles of family shoots!  gender reveals and pregnancy announcements!  newborn shoots!) and I am so so so SO thankful for each and every one of them that I was able to take pictures of.  I've included some of my favorite (not all of them, too many to pick from!) snaps from 2015 and I cannot wait to see what 2016 entails!  I think I am going to offer some rustic barn (aka Mooneys yard) mini session this spring, and I'm excited about that adventure.  I have 2 weddings booked already, and potentially a 3rd one in the works.  I love being able to snap pictures for people and I can't wait to continue to grow in my photo taking and editings!

8. Milk Sharing

In 2015 I've donated 6300 ounces of breastmilk to a variety of little boys and girls who need some mama's milk.  I debated even including this in my top 10 for 2015, but decided to go do it because it is okay to pat yourself on the back every once in a while right?!  I hope so :)  Anyways, I feel so blessed to have such a great milk supply and be able to spread the milk love to others who need it.  Milk sharing truly is an amazing thing and I feel so happy that I'm able to produce enough milk for Rosie and for others out there who need it as well!  My goal is 10,000 ounces before I stop...I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to that (since I'm slowly weaning myself off the pump), but I figure however much I end up donating will be plenty.

7. Technology Teaching

I love my job.  I've said this many times before, but I really REALLY love my job.  I thought I'd include some of my favorite projects my students did this past year (seriously, take a second and watch some of these above...they are AMAZING!  Okay, I'm biased, but still...they are so awesome and I'm so proud of my students!).

I also want to add how lucky I feel to be at such a great school working with amazing people and students and getting to do things that I love: anything dealing with technology!  I love being able to share my passions for photo editing, graphic design, video production and editing, and all things Google!  It really is my dream job (if I can't stay home with my bebes).  I love it so and can't wait for the awesome projects my students come up with next semester and in years to come!

6. Upworthy

I started doing some freelance blogging this past year, and one of the sites I've written for is Upworthy.  I've only had one of my pitches picked up and posted (although I've submitted oodles of ideas :), but the one that got written up was a doosey!  I couldn't think of a better one to get written than this one all about TinySuperheroes.  I'm sure if you're a regular reader here you've read it already...but if you haven't, definitely go over here and take a read--you won't regret it!  TinySuperheroes is doing amazing things and I was so excited and fortunate to be able to tell their story!  I'm hoping for big things for TS in 2016!  I'm also hoping I get some more pitches picked up by Upworthy so I can do some more blogging for them!  I mean, it's nice to make a little extra cashola, but I just love writing and love doing it on a platform that gets me a few more readers :)

5. Patrick vs. the Goat

I mean, how could this video NOT be in my top 10 favorite parts of 2015?!!  It's gotten over 13,000 views since I posted it back in October and everyone who has watched it (including me, the bazillion times I've viewed it!) dies.  It.is.so.darn.funny!  Definitely a viral video (I'm biased, I know) that is hysterical and good clean fun (Patrick was completely fine, so no harm no foul, right?!!).  I hope when he gets older he watches this video and laughs as much as we all have!  And who knows, maybe 2016 will be the year America's Funniest Home Videos calls and wants to put it on their show?!!  Fingers crossed!

4. Trips & Adventures, Near & Far

2015 brought us lots of fun trips and adventures, both in and around STL and as far as Florida.  We had a blast this past summer hitting up the pool and Kate's lake as much as possible, going to the Zoo and Museum of Transportation, and hanging with our buddies.  Scooter got some one-on-one time at the Beggin' Pet Parade and Pooches in the Ballpark, Patrick got oodles of playtime with his friends, and Rosie enjoyed doing what she does best: sitting and observing, mostly from the comfort of her Tula.

I'm not sure what trips and adventures 2016 will bring, but I know they'll be fun and exciting and adventurous for everyone involved!  Rosie is getting older and able to do more and understand more, and Patrick is more outgoing and adventurous himself each and every day.  I love watching them grow and experience new things, and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings for experiences for my kiddos!  I know it's going to be the best year yet!

3. Favorite Blog Posts

Thought I'd do a little linkage of my favorite blog posts of 2015.  Some are probably obvious (cough-cough, Rosie's birth story), and some probably aren't so...but!  Here are my favorite blogs I wrote in 2015.  Can't wait to see what 2016 is going to pen (or type!) from me on the blog here.

2. Rosie's Arrival

One of the big highlights of 2014 was documenting baby #2's bump...well, it's no secret that a big part of 2015 was #2's arrival...which turned out to be our now almost 9 month old little lady Rosie!  Ro's birth story is still one of my favorite favorite blog posts of 2015 (and one I go back and re-read over and over again to relive her joyous birth!) and I LOVE watching the video my mom took of us announcing to our families that #2 was a girl and what her name was.  Gahhhh!  Rosie was most definitely the big highlight of 2015, and the joy she's brought our family, especially her big brother, is just unmatched.  Most definitely one of the top happenings of 2015.

1. Mooney: Party of 4 + Scooter

First off, these are the ONLY pics of all 4 of us + Scooter I could find from 2015!  YIKES!  2016 resolution: more pics of our entire family.  So!  With that said, my most favorite part of 2015 was becoming a family of 4 (5 with Scoots).  Rosie has been such a gift to our family and has evened the human sides out...for now :)  We are so happy with our little family and cherish each and every moment we get to spend altogether, because they are far and few between when we're not running in different directions and/or working.

2016 will be a great year for our family, and I'm excited to see what it has in store for us!  Obviously our kiddos (and heck, us too!) will continue to grow and get older, but I can't wait to see what new experiences and adventures we get into as a family of 4.  I am so thankful each and every day for my wonderfully amazing husband, son, daughter, and dog.  I really believe I've got the most perfect family and thank God each and every day for that.

BONUS!  Favorite Mooney Snaps of 2015

I thought I'd end this post with some of my favorite snaps from 2015...a little recap of our year and some of my favorite pictures from 2015.  Obviously I had to really shave this list down otherwise there'd be 1000 pictures here and you'd never want to read my blog again because HOLY LONG POST, so here are just a few of my favorite FAVORITE snaps from 2015.  Wonder what types of pics 2016 will bring?!! Stay tuned friends!  And have a wonderful 2016 everyone!  I hope it's your best year yet!

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