Rosie at 8 Months

Little miss Ro Ro is 8 whole months old today.  HOW IN THE WORLD IS SHE JUST 4 months away from turning one?!!  No no no way.  I just had her yesterday!  I swear!

Anyways, despite my mom denial and the fact that she's growing up about a thousand times faster than Patrick did (seriously.), she is indeed 8 months old today and oh-such-a-joy to have in our lives!  We've had so many new milestones and experiences this past month that I'm excited to share (or heck, reshare!) with you all!  She's looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a little girl.  I'm going to go ugly cry in the corner now for a bit.

I spent wayyyy too much time trying to figure out how to get 34 weekly pics in one square, so I gave up and just went with this instead.  Guys, math is SO HARD when you haven't taken it since 2003.  Seriously.

We started Ro Ro on solid food last weekend and it's going swimmingly (more on that later!).  Even so, she made it 7.5 months on just breastmilk and was 21 lbs 14 oz before we started her on food!  I was super impressed with how much she has grown and gained just on milk, and I'm curious to see if and how much she grows now that she's getting solid food.  We don't go back to the doc until 9 months for her next well check, so I'll be curious to see how she stacks up that visit (and compared to Patrick at 9 months).

Your favorite part!  Right?!  RIGHT!  Mom stats time!  Lots of fun new milestones and observations and oodles of stats all about miss Rosie at 8 months comin' at ya right now!

  • Rosie weighs in at 22 pounds and 8 ounces -- up a pound and 6 ounces from last month!  For reference Patrick was 21 pounds 7 ounces at 8 Rosie is a TANK compared to him.  Haha.  She sure is a consistent little grower!  I think she's probably around 28ish inches give or take...I guess we'll find out next month at her 9 month appointment!
  • Still wearing all 18 month clothes, and a few 24 month ones (jackets, sweaters, etc..).  She seems to still be fitting in those clothes nicely despite still gaining weight, but I bet through the holidays and winter she'll be in 18-24 month clothes (hopefully! -- I have nothing bigger for her!)
  • She has rolled over!  Sound the alarms!  She's done back to belly a few times that I've seen...I'm guessing she can do belly to back as well but I've yet to actually see that.  Ha.  Sister is content just staying in place how she is.
  • Not really moving.  I mean, if you set her on the floor on her back or tummy she kinda wiggles around (I don't think you could even call it scooting!) to get something close by that she can't immediately reach, but no other moving other than that.  She does sit in one spot like a champ for as long as you put her there, and is a fan of bending wayyyy over to eat her toes (impressive, huh?!)
  • Nicknames have come out it full force lately!  Obviously her real name is Rosa, and we don't ever call her that...instead, she mostly goes by Rosie, Ro Ro, Sister, or Sister Bear.  I love Ro Ro the best, mainly because Patrick came up with that name for her.
  • Still has fat little feet that are maybe a size 3.  I know by this point Patrick's were a size 4, so Ro Ro's are teeny tiny (and so chunky!).  But my aunt Kate has been fueling her with cute little fabric shoes (and these adorable moccs I've found for her) to keep her tootsies warm and covered.
  • I still say Rosie is a great sleeper.  She's not as great as she once was, but definitely better than most babies at her age I think.  This past month she's been going to bed around 7:30pm or 8pm, then getting up anywhere between 2am - 5am to eat, then back to sleep again till about 8am - 9am.  She was doing 12+ hour stretches (8pm - 8am) there for a while, but I think as she's gotten bigger and hungrier (and up until a week ago was just on milk!) she only does a 6-8ish stretch before waking up.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love for her to go back to 12+ hour stretches, but I don't mind too much the early morning feedings cause it's just her and me in the dark and quiet and I love that so.  She will sometimes take a 20 minute or so catnap around 10am, and then goes down for a good 3ish hour nap around 12:30/1pm every afternoon.  And she always goes down seemingly easily without any protest or complaint, so I can't really complain too much about that!
  • Nurses once in the early morning, takes an 8oz bottle around 9am, another around 12:30pm, nurses sometimes around 4pm, but as of lately (like the past week, ever since we started solids), so does NOT want to nurse (like pinches my boob and bites my nip), and then again around 7:30pm for bedtime.  My guess is she's eating around 25-30oz of breastmilk a day, give or take.  She is now eating 3 meals a day as well at the same time we eat too!  Each day it seems that she gets better about eating and eats more and more.
  • Started on solid food (follow with #RosieMsfoodadventures on Instagram if you're curious :) about a week ago and it's going oh-so-well!  Our doc was concerned about us waiting past 6 months that Rosie would have food texture aversions, but I obviously eye rolled at that and we waited till almost 8 months old.  I am happy to report that solids (just pureed foods for now) are going really well!  Rosie has eaten pureed oatmeal, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, prunes, pears, squash and green beans.  She HATED avocados and green beans, but would tolerate them if they were mixed with bananas or prunes or something else sweet (sounds like sister bear has a bit of a sweet tooth like her mama). It seems that she really likes bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and prunes the best.  We hope to get her going on some baby led weaning with steamed/soft foods soon once she's got the pureed stuff down pat...although she has had steamed carrots and peas (from my fried rice, ha!) and pancakes...and tolerated those well!  Stay tuned for more with that.  She's also had some puffs and yogurt melts as well, but I feel like those mostly end up on the floor than in her mouth.  Either way, it keeps her occupied trying to get them in her pie hole :)
  • Rosie has 4 teeth!  Her top set of teeth poked through a couple weeks ago and she's had a few nights/days where she's been extra fussy, so I attribute that to teething.  The teeth next to her top 2 look like they're gonna pop through any day, so I'm sure by 9 months she'll probably have a couple more teeth to report on!  Overall she hasn't really been too fazed by it (knock on wood!), so that's great.  I'll be curious to see how fast the rest of her teeth come through, because Patrick at 8 months only had 2 teeth!
  • Ro Ro is solid as can be sitting up now.  That's her go-to position, and she's good to go sitting on nearly any surface anywhere!  Until she figures out how to tumble over and start moving/crawling, she's happy as can be just sitting up for now on.
  • Still an avid thumb sucker (usually lefty, but will go to her right thumb every now and again too) and that's her go-to to soothe herself or get herself to sleep.  Unlike Patrick who needs his nappy to suck his thumb, Rosie just needs to be a bit sleepy and BOOM!  In goes the thumb.
  • LOVES being worn in the Tula or ring sling AND being held.  Lately in the past few weeks she's become SUPER clingy to mom and dad and doesn't like when we set her down OR give her to someone else.  She warms up pretty quickly, but it takes a bit of soothing from our end or bouncing to get her to be okay with someone else.  Helllllooooo separation anxiety setting in I think!
  • Still is obsessed with her big brother.  She can watch him forever and is always following him around with her eyes.  Patrick loves up on her anytime he can, and Rosie lets out the biggest giggle when he is around and hugging her.  It just melts my mama heart to see their relationship bloom!
  • Will babble and Rosie talk forever it seems.  Sometimes we'll hear her talking in the middle of the night and she's not upset or anything, just talking to herself!  Mike and I always comment wondering what she is babbling on about and what she's actually thinking.  We don't remember Patrick ever doing this, so this is something fun and new for us :)
  • Went on her first ever plane ride and 19 hour road trip this past month and was a CHAMP for both!  She is an expert traveler and I wouldn't hesitate one bit taking her on another trip anytime soon.
Here's 9 pics of Ro Ro from birth to 8 months old!  My oh my how she's a'growin' and a'changin'!

And finally, here's a comparison pic of Patrick at 8 months and Rosie.  Again, I don't see much similarities between the two...but there are some subtle ones.

And here's a few bonus "almost" monthly sticker pics and some black and white post-sticker-pic snaps for you too.  You're welcome.

So that's about all I've got for Rosie at 8 months old!  Next month is 9 months, and it's also when I started doing monthly blog posts for Patrick (woot!), so I get an actual blog post to compare Rosie to!  YAHOO!

Okay, I'm done here...I'm gonna go ugly cry in the corner while I start Pinteresting Rosie's 1st birthday party...which I think is going to be cupcake themed.  How fun, right?!  RIGHT.  Until 9 months friends, adios!

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