Tiny People Play Dates

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  I thought I'd do a quick little bloggity blog post before the Christmas craziness starts!  I'm sure I'll have another blog post later this weekend all about our Christmas adventures...because this year it seems that Patrick really gets it and it's Rosie first Christmas and that makes this Christmas all the more special.

Anyways, where was I?!  Ahhh, yes!  Tiny people play dates!  One of my favorite FAVORITE parts about being off work is getting to play with all of our buddies during the days when usually us parents are at work!  Monday we went to the Zoo with our friends the Polans, Tuesday some of my old MRH buddies and their kiddos came over to play during the day, then our friends the MacKenzies who were in town from Cali that night, and then yesterday our buddies the Horns came over!  It has been soooooo much fun getting to have some adult convos while watching our kiddos play together.

The burritos were looking oh-so-adorable in their outfits before we headed off to the Zoo.  Did I mention it's been unseasonably warm here in STL and it was like 60 degrees at the Zoo on Monday?!  Twas a very nice treat--especially since it wasn't very crowded!

Our agenda at the Zoo was simple: train, carousel, few animals, then off to lunch!  I love having a membership so I don't feel guilty about only going to the Zoo for an hour or so before we leave...and literally just going to ride the Choo Choo.

Patrick did barf FOUR TIMES while waiting in line for the train.  Not.kidding.  He was playing with Emma one second then BAM!  Puking alllllll over the waiting line.  He shed a few tears and then said, "I fine! I fine!" and was his old self.  It was so weird.  Mother of the year here didn't have the diaper bag with me, but fortunately Ann did and we were able to use her stuff to get him cleaned up.  A lady behind us in line said this random puking thing is going around the schools--that kids will be fine, puke several times, then be fine again.  I chalked it up to that.

Anyways, after we rode the train and carousel, we decided to go meet the dads at Seamus McDaniel's for lunch.  Well, the service there was oh-so-slow, so Drew had to dart off before lunch came...which kinda worked out cause Mike had a call at the last minute and couldn't go but then it cleared up faster than he thought so he was able to meet us at the tail end of lunch and eat Drew's lunch instead!

Patrick got a tour of daddy's car (with lights and sirens action too!) before he went back to work.

On Tuesday my friends from MRH Kari (and her 3 kiddos), Lauren, and Whitney came over for some catch-up time and to let the kids run around and play.  I should have snapped some more pics of the kiddos playing together in the basement, but I didn't...just this one of them eating lunch.  Patrick had SO MUCH FUN with Corbin (6) and Adelaide (4) I know he wants them to come over again real soon!  --As do I, I love chatting with their mama!

Rosie was clearly not impressed with narcoleptic Gus on the couch.  Ha!

Tuesday evening our buddies the MacKenzies came over to have dinner and have their son Will (15 months) play with the kiddos.  I had my big camera out already (was snapping the above pics of Patrick) and I decided to snap a few of the kiddos playing together downstairs as well!

The MacKenzies just moved to Cali in August for Ian's job and we miss having them around oh-so-much!  But we were so thankful we got to play with them and hang for a bit while they were in town for Christmas.  We'll miss them dearly until we can see them again...which hopefully isn't too long!

Wednesday our buddies the Horns came over!  Regan is one of my oldest buddies and I love love LOVE that we have kiddos the same ages who will be in the same schools together!!!  It was great getting to catch up with her!  Azelie (4.5 years old) didn't come to play today...but Wesley is about 6 weeks older than Patrick, and Rosie is about 6 weeks older than Hadley!  --Which, these numbers would make more sense if I had a pic to accompany this, but, alas, I didn't snap any (WHATTTT?!!) except this one of Patrick:

He was playing on the bunk beds in the basement and slipped off the bottom and scratched his noggin.  I thought he bruised it too but 24 hours later it's just scratched.  He was fine and asking to play again after crying for like 2 minutes.  Tough dude he is.

After Regan and her kiddos left I put my kiddos down for a nap.  Rosie woke up after only about an hour and twenty minutes snoozing (WHATTT?!!) and I went in there to see what she was blubbering about and holy puke all over.  GROSS!  I got her up, changed and in the tub, and then got her out and went to feed her and BAM!  Projectile vomit ALLLLLL over me!  It.was.so.nasty.  But she was so happy and smiley afterwards and never puked again so it seemed to be a one-time-puke again like Patrick had earlier in the week.

Well, fast forward to about 4pm Wednesday: I text Mike that my tummy hurt and I wasn't feeling good.  We had his dad's birthday dinner last night, and we literally got there at 6pm, and at 6:05pm I asked Mike to drive me home cause I was miserable.  Guess who had the upset tummy bug now?!  Yup.  ME.  Until about 10am this morning (thank you mama for getting the kids up and fed this morning while I prayed to the porcelain gods).  Mike got sick too and puked last night when he was leaving his parents and about 3am this morning, but fortunately he felt completely normal when he left for work at 7am.  So weird.  So it seems we all had a little tummy bug this week, hitting the adults in the household a tad harder than the kiddos.  Anyways, hoping and praying it's behind us (I feel great now! ) and we can have a great Christmas puke free!

I'll end this post with some random snaps from earlier this week...

so proud of his big tower he built!

shocked he didn't ask for ranch on his cereal :)


my new favorite de-stress-waste-time-app: Pigment.  ADULT COLORING FUN!! :)

...and toss up a prayer that we are past this flu/tummy sickness and have a great holiday with our family!  I cannot wait to share with you the prezzies we got everyone (I get so much more excited about giving than getting!), what Santa brings for the kiddos, and their ahhhh-dorable Christmas outfits!!  Have a great holiday friends!!

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