Coordinating Outfits and Other Fine Things.

Where to begin, where to begin?!!  I just looked and I hadn't bloggity blogged since my Pizza Puff recipe last Tuesday!  WHATTTT?!!  CRAZY.  And I'm totally hashing out this blog post NOW before I turn on the DVRed "Jill and Jessa: Counting On" that I am DYINGGGGG to watch, so feel special I'm taking the time to write and update my 3 loyal readers as to what's a'happenin'.

SO!  Last week was a tad bit busy -- it was my last week of regular school/classes before finals this week and then Christmas break, and then just the hustle and bustle of the work week and yeah, here I am Sunday night writing about it.

I first want to add that drastic things have taken place since I wrote Rosie's 8 Month blog post last weekend.  First off, girlfriend has figured out rolling over (finally! yay!!!) and is now a belly sleeper.

Remember how I said she was waking up between 2-5am every.single.night. since the beginning of November?!!  It really wasn't that huge of a deal but still annoying since she was doing 8pm - 8am up until that point.  I really thought once we started her on food she'd sleep through the night again, but nope, still a week after starting solids she was.  However, early last week (literally, like Monday) she flips to her belly from her back when I lay her down and BOOM!  She's back to sleeping through the night!  She hasn't woken up before 7am the past week and it's been gloriousssss.  This morning she got up at 8:30am after going down at 7:30pm.  UM, it felt so.darn.good.  I just want to high-five her!  I'm knocking on wood as I type this and hope it lasts, but I think it will.  She seems sooooo much more in a deep sleep on her tummy and much happier when she does get up.  Anyways, yay go Ro Ro go and sleeeeep on!

Speaking of food, Rosie is on a TEAR.  Girlfriend is eating everything under the sun and it's going awesome!  She's doing a mix of pureed foods and baby led she may get jar baby food sometimes and then actual food we're eating as well.  I like the hybrid of what we've got going and still am so glad we waited longer to start.  She is so much more coordinated and good about keeping everything in her mouth.  No reactions or absolute hatreds of anything (yet--but hopefully ever!).

I should point out that my amazingly awesome aunt Kate (and Patrick's Godmother) had an adventure with Patrick from Wednesday to Saturday last week at her lake house and so that plays into the overload of Rosieness in this post and lack of Patrick.  He had an absolute blast at KiKi's lake and he's sooooo excited he gets to go back down again tomorrow night!  Those two have such a blast together it reminds me so much of when I was his age and what I got to do with Kate then too!  Here's some pics I stole from her from their time together.

Since this was our last week of classes last week, it was my final day with my beloved video production class.  I love all of the classes I teach, but the video production class holds a special place in my heart...always.  I had the girls get together for a pic outside my room and I got it printed on a canvas to display next to my VP's class from last year.  I am so going to miss these girls!  I hope they come visit me next semester!

Okay, the title of this post is coordinating outfits.  Over this past week I kinda went a bit cray cray with some of Rosie's outfits...something I swore I'd never ever do (nor want to do!) if I had a girl.  #eatingmywords

She's just too much, isn't she?!! I know, I'm biased, but boy, is she cute.  Rosie got these ahhhhhdorable custom Mermaid moccs in this past week from Hello Moccs and I absolutely love them and she may never ever take them off!  They are sooooo cute!!!!  And speaking of coordinating outfits, can we take a minute to appreciate the overload of cuteness in this cousin matching jammie pic from earlier tonight?!

I.die.  They are just so cute!  And don't ask me how many snaps (okay, it was 74) it took me to get ONE pic of all of them mostly smiling and looking at me.  It is not easy peeps.

Yesterday I had a last minute photoshoot for my friends Sarah and Adam for a Christmas card idea, so I had Rosie and we scooted over there to snap a few pics for them!  Mike was working in the area and happened to stop by and I snapped this pic of him and Ro and OMG it's my new favorite.  I just love it so.

Anyways, how funny are these pics I took for my friends?!  They are huge Star Wars fans so they mixed some light sabers in with the abominable snowman and their card was complete!  I did snap a good family pic for them to use on the back as well :)

I'm a really good multi-tasker photo editor peeps, just an FYI :)

Mike was super duper busy at work these past couple days.  I did catch him on the news on Friday, and it was nice to see that he had his vest on.  I scold him a lot (especially lately) for not wearing it and I'm glad to see that he is wearing it all the time now when he goes out.  That makes me feel marginally better about his job.

I've gotten some really great (biasedly great, in my opinion) snaps of the kiddos lately (mostly in the tub. haha!) and I've been using my fave PicTapGo! app to edit them on my phone.  The iPhone 6S Plus camera is ON POINT and I just looooooove being able to capture such good images with it!  Here are a few of my faves as of late:

The black and white ones are my favorite.  I just love them so.  I don't know what it is about black and white pics but I feel like they just make your image really pop and stand out.  A lot of the times I like the black and white image over the color!

My mom and dad watched Rosie the other night while Mike and I went to my school's Christmas party and my mom sent me this pic:

Notice anything?!  Oh!  Ro Ro's engaged!  Haha!  My mom has a baby ring on her necklace she always wears and decided to shove it on Rosie's sausage fingers the other nice.  It was just too cute not to share.  Thanks mama for the snap!

Earlier today we went to my mom's "Kirkwood Girls" (aka her posse of 10 friends she's known since grade school!) Christmas party with all of their moms/dads and grandkids.  We went last year too and it was oodles of fun so I was glad we were able to go again this year.  Patrick loved subtly plucking the gumdrops off of the gingerbread house that clearly said to not do that, and Rosie got some lovin' in with her friend Riley who's like 7 months older than her yet will be in the same as her at the same schools!  Crazy, huh?!

Also, I should point out that Mike made me a lovely vase with some flowers my aunt Mary brought over yesterday...and was verbally disappointed that I didn't post a pic to Instagram with them (I did afterwards...I was shocked he actually notices the things I post on Instagram!  I didn't think he ever looked at it!)--so I'm doing him one better and blogging about his lovely gesture and vase on the blog too.  I love you Mike :)

I'm giving myself a virtual high-five right now: I spent 2.5 hours during nap time today wrapping 95% of our Christmas gifts!  There's still a few I'm waiting on to come in the mail, but I got the vast majority of them wrapped and it feels oh-so-good to be done with that!  We sent out 100 Christmas cards earlier in the week (Mike helped me address and stamp them one night last week--that took almost 2 hours too!) so I'm feeling really atop my game this year.  2016: you're gonna have a lot to live up to.

So that's about was an all over the place recap that I'm getting tired of writing cause I want to go watch some reality TV before I go to bed.  I'll leave you with this beautiful sunrise snap I got the other day and a bathroom mirror post-bath selfie I took about an hour ago.  Have a great week friends!

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