Back to Reality

After our adventure home from Florida last week I finalllllllly feel a bit like I'm catching up and getting back into our old routine.  Routine is good for us it seems :)

Since we got back from vacay our lovely elf Donuts has made an appearance.  He's a silly little thing up to antics UP HIGH -- yes, cause a certain handsy 2.5 year old can't keep his paws off of him regardless of how many "no touching!" threats I make.  I think he kinda gets the elf thing this year, but I'm sure next year he'll be rock solid on the ways of the elf...or at least I hope so.  Haha.  Rosie on the other hand has no clue what's going on and that's totally okay, cause, you do you Rosie girl.

Speaking of Rosie, her solid food adventures are going well!  It seems that sister bear has a bit of a sweet too a'la her mama, and has been a fan of bananas, prunes, and sweet potatoes, and not so much of avocados, green beans, or plain oatmeal.  She will tolerate the latter if I mix it in with one of the sweeter foods, so yay for that.  She's totally taking to eating well, and not even a week in eating sooooo many foods (and seeming to do well (aka no reactions or anything to them!)).  I'm sure el blog here will be filled with oodles of Rosie food adventure updates in the coming stay tuned.  Oh, and I just ordered her a new sippy cup that is suppose to be like a bottle/boob but more of a sippy so we can hopefully start gradually transitioning her away from the bottle.  We cut the bottle cold turkey at 10 months with Patrick, so hoping to have it gone from Ro Ro by around then (a year at the latest!) too.  Stay tuned for that as well :)

Mike sent me the above pic the other day and I died.  Prunes look like BBQ sauce if you didn't know :)  Hehehe and I then remembered he did the same thing with Patrick almost 2 years ago too so naturally I had to do a side-by-side.

Funny hubby of mine, isn't he?!

Rosie will be turning 8 months old this weekend (WAHHHH!) so a spoiler for her nice little blog post: I don't think it'll include anything about crawling, cause ^^^.  She just lays there like a dead fish.  She'll get it one day I'm sure, but until then, lazyyyyy is her middle name.  And first.  And last.

I snapped this pic one morning earlier this week cause the sky was gorgeoussssss outside.  I love how the sky looks in our neighborhood at sunrise and sunset, so I try to snap a'many pics of it looking all pretty whenever I spot it.

We visited Goose earlier this week too and OMG is it ever impossible to get ALL THREE OF THEM looking (not evening smiling!  I'm not picky anymore!  I just want them to be looking!) at the camera.  So, this was the best I got.  Patrick and Goose both have lovely scowls on their faces (#twinsies) while Rosie is happy as a clam.  Lordie.

Since a certain someone started eating foods Scootie has found a new bestie, cause, FOOD ALL OVER THE FLOOR.  Now Scooter stays firmly at her side all the time so he can benefit from her nimble not coordinated fingers and food dropages.

^^^Random photo dump.  Tula selfie at the grocery with my cabbage patch kid, Patrick snuggling with his oh-so-soft new Aden + Anais bamboo blanket, Patrick holding up Rosie's new bib my aunt Kate made her, and Scootie got a haircut in anticipation for a visit with Santa next week.  Now that I typed this I realized I just basically regurgitated what I posted on IG with these if you follow me there too, lo siento I repeated myself again.

FINALLY, I'll end with that yesterday I took my students to KSDK yesterday (for the 3rd time!  I took my middle schoolers a few years ago and took my old Video Production class last February) and oh boy, did they have a blast.  It was so much fun and they learned SO MUCH.  We went to lunch afterwards to debrief and all of them were saying how they'll never look at the news the same way again now that they've seen how it works from behind the scenes.  They especially loved getting to watch the news live (and get a shout out!).  It was a great experience for them and I love how my buddy Kay Quinn is so great with having my students down and giving us a 5-star tour!

Okay, that's about all I've got for this too early morning blog post!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and weekend! :)

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