16 weeks.

16 weeks today!  Seriously, this pregnancy is FLYING by.  I am happy to say that the nausea is all but gone, and my appetite slowly is creeping back.  I don't feel 100% myself, but I do feel way better than I did.  Well, minus the double ear infection + sinus infection that crept up on Friday and was relentless this weekend and into today.  My ears, throat, eyes, and nose all hurt.  Saturday was the worst -- I thought I was dying.  I was SO HAPPY that I didn't have nausea to deal with too, but yeah, sinuses suck too.  They make things not taste right and nothing really sound good.  I feel better now than I did this weekend (thank you antibiotics!), but yeah, it needs to go away.  I just want to feel myself!

So in my 16 week post with Rosie, I said I was most definitely feeling this kid move.  Well, not such is the case now (maybe I have an anterior placenta?!) -- because minus a few flutters randomly over the past couple weeks, nothing really is being felt.  But!  It's okay...I know I'll start feeling this kid move and kick soon, I'm sure of it.  Having my doppler does ease my mind until I feel those kicks to hear that sweet little heartbeat whenever I want.  So yay for that.

Okay, whoa.  I've been saying I feel like I was showing earlier with #3 (true) and lately how much "bigger" I am than I was at this point with Rosie, buttttttt maybe not...left is almost 16 weeks with Rosie, right is almost 16 weeks with #3!  Definitely big in both, but I think I might actually be smaller than I was at this point with Rosie!  Hey comparison snaps are fun, aren't they?!!

I don't go back to my OB until next week, which will be when I'm already 17 weeks along.  I actually had 5 weeks instead of 4 (don't know why.  I blame the scheduling gal) in between my last appointment and this next one, but then I only have 3 in between my 17 week and 20 week (which is the big ultrasound!)...I'm anxious and excited for that!  Not to find out the gender, of course, but to see #3 on the screen and how much he/she has grown since week 7 anddddd to hopefully get a good report of health for them.

Alrighty!  That's about all I've got for week 16.  Until 17 weeks friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl from STL Bread Co.
Overall mood?A smidgen moody...
Rings on or off?ON!
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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