Saturday Shenanigans

I'm gonna be a bit of a liar liar pants on fire and backtrack a bit and share some tid bits from our week BEFORE getting to the shenanigans of Saturday.  Sorry.  Not really.

Remember my sloth cop eating a donut shirt?!  Well, Patrick really wanted to match on Wednesday so who am I to refuse a 3 year old's request?!  And Lord knows just how long he'll actually WANT to match with his mama, so I took advantage and we wore the same shirt to dinner and school supply shopping!

Mike accidentally left his phone at home so he met us for dinner so he could get it back and I snapped this pic on our way to the car and my heart about exploded.  Gosh this boy loves his daddy.  His hero :)

We then hit up Tarjay with our buddy Lauren to get Patrick's school supplies and the kids really love hanging with their auntie Lauren!  She is just the best.

Speaking of starting school (AHHHH! August 17th for him!!), Patrick's new custom transportation backpack (with his name on it!) came this week and he was SO EXCITED to have it and wore it around all afternoon.  Isn't he the cutest?!!

These kids sure love their pup Scoots, and he puts up so nicely with all of their {my} antics he's subjected too.  Seriously, world's greatest dog right here.

Mike has been working nights lately so we've done a lot of solo day this week my dad (who Patrick fondly calls Ray) came with us and again, I can't resist a change to snap a cute hand holding pic!

Still not walking.  Sassy as ever.  She's got a mind of her own and I love her so much for it!

We went to Kirkwood pool this morning (I actually recently won a photo contest from them!!) and I brought my GoPro to snap some pool pics...and it was shockingly not crowded so Patrick had a blast owning the kiddie pool, per usual, and Ro sitting and watching.  We also hit up the lazy river too.

Of course I had to have Ro recreate the winning pic -- which turned out just as cute in my not biased at opinion :)

We also gave Patrick the GoPro to go down the slide and I love what he captured the couple times he took it down with him!  Pretty cool, eh?!

I had a photoshoot this morning with the sweetest little boy and family and it put my baby fever on overdrive!  I did want to share a few before and after snaps with you -- one of the reasons I ALWAYS shoot in RAW.  So baby acne, weird face coloring, and red splotches can easily be taken out and have the baby lookin' good like they probably really will in no time!

Okie dokie, that's about all I've got!  We have friends coming over for dinner tonight and I'm excited for the kids to have some friends to play with!  I still wish nothing more than to have my normal appetite back...soon I hope!  Have a great rest of your weekend friends!

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