Weekend Happenings

Whew!  What a weekend!  Patrick spent it at his vacation home, and Rosie got a lot of one on one time hanging with her parents...errrr, well, me, Mike had to work.  Which Mike only has FOUR days left on days until he goes to PERMANENT 11pm - 7am shifts.  Stay tuned for details on that and the impact it's gonna have on our little fam bam.  We are anticipating it to go one way, but, haha, you know what happens with doing that.  So we really don't know how it's going to work until it actually happens!  I'm sure I'll have a whole 'nother post in the next weeks all about how that's going.  Stay tuned.

So I am OBSESSED with this shirt from Mitz Accessories I got for Ro from backing their Kickstarter campaign like 8 months ago.  I want EVERYTHING they make!  It's all gender neutral clothing and I just love love LOVE it.

Speaking of Rosie, girlfriend is making progress on the walking front!  Yes, she topples into the couch as fast as she can, but she does take a few steps on her own to get there!  I really think she's going to be full on walking soon (or I'm hoping!), so I love giving these little updates on her progress because HOPEFULLY full blown walking is in her near future.

And speaking of walking, she loves pushing her cart everywhere (on her own!  She'll get it and start cruisin' all by herself!) and then we have been forcing her to hold our hand and walk nearly everywhere with us too.

Ro has developed an interest in her iPad, specifically Baby Einstein, recently, which helps me out SO MUCH especially when I have a ton of photo editing to do whilst the minions are awake.  Isn't she considerate?!!

Speaking of photo editing, I had TWO big shoots this weekend: a wedding and a surprise proposal!  Both turned out amazing and I just love love LOVE the pics we got!

Before Patrick got back from his vacation home (which he had another absolute blast of a weekend, btw...his KiKi is so good to him!), Mike, Rosie, and I went to dinner with the Mooney clan and then hit up Aldis for some groceries.  Ro LOVES holding something at the grocery store, and when it's time to pay for it or put it in the cart she screams bloody murder and won't let you take it.  There's usually a chunk missing out of the box too that she's gnawed off as well.  You do you, Rosie girl.

Mike brought home a fun new toy for Patrick (and really Rosie too!) from work today, and needless to say, when they saw it when we got home Sunday night, they were SO EXCITED to play on it!

Sunday night also brought another first for the Mooney minions: a visit from the ice cream truck!  It came down our street and both Patrick and Ro got their own frosty treat which they LOVED...and Ro sucked hers down in about .5 seconds.

So!  That's about all I've got for this quick little weekend recap!  Onto another week -- a full work week, boo hiss -- and hopefully it'll start cooling down and bring on the fall weather, cause I'm so over summer now that school's back in session!  Haha!  Have a great one friends!

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