Hump Day!!!

Creative title, eh?!!  Now that I'm back at school Wednesdays are indeed exciting again because it marks that hump of the week to get over to get the week finished and weekend started.  Woo hoo, amiright?!

I've had oodles of photoshoots this past week (herehere, and here if you're so interested) which has been awesome because I totally feel like still with every shoot I continue to grow, try new things, and get better and better.  I have my eyeball on this pricey bad boy but until I can whip up $2000 out of thin air, I don't think it's gonna happen.  Rats.  I'll just continue to dream about having it one day.

Patrick has become such a little guy lately -- meaning he is so much less baby and even toddler-ish and so much more of a little young man!  He can hold a full conversation and you can actually understand what he's saying, and he'll randomly come up and say, "I love you mama."  Gahhh.  I love this age so much.  He also likes asking me to take pics of him, Rosie, and Scoots ^^^ as well as taking funny selfies with me.  I think I'm gonna have to get him a kid's digital camera for Christmas so he can take his own pics.  I can't wait to see what he snaps!

Broken record here, I know, but these two are obsessed with each other.  Probably Patrick with Rosie more so than the other way around.  He is ALWAYS asking for Ro to play with him and always wants her to be included in pics I take and what not.  He waits for her to wake up from her nap (since Patrick no longer naps, he just has rest time and that's when he gets to watch his iPad) and then asks to have a snack with her at their table.  It is the cutest thing EVER.  I know he'll gladly welcome #3 into the mix when he/she gets here, I'm just hoping Rosie is as accepting.  Fingers crossed.  She can be quite the drama llama.

I swear these kids can sleep through ANYTHING, including Scooter in their beds.  It's crazy.  They most definitely are rocks when they sleep and I love it so.  Praying daily that #3 is the same way.

So I'm 13w1d and STILLLLLL feeling so so so nauseous and don't have my appetite back at.all.  It's all I want back -- my appetite.  I miss it so.  I read on my 14 week post with Rosie that I was 100% feeling better and all that by week 14, so I'm praying that starts to happen in the next week, but I'm not optimistic.  I still just feel so crappy.  BUT!  Last week I tried this delish chocolate peanut butter milkshake frmo Steak 'n Shake and it was wonderful.  I went to have it again and it wasn't as much and now thinking about it makes me want to puke.  Ugh.  Appetite: PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!

Just a mirror selfie from our Target adventures earlier this week.  I had to get some size 5 (!!!) diapers for Ro because her overnight cloth diapers are just too small and were not snapping AND leaving red marks on her thunder thighs.  Gosh I hope she starts walking soon and thins out so she can fit back in them!

Speaking of walking, we've been trying to get her to practice and walk with things (our hands, pushing something, etc...) as much as we can.  I know she is close, but gosh darn it, I'd love for her to be walking now!  She is SO HEAVY -- like almost 29 pounds -- and I'm just getting bigger and she's just getting heavier and heavier to carry.  Anyyyyyyyday you'd like to start walking Ro, I'll be your biggest cheerleader.

Ahhhh, just some Rosie snaps.  Eating, her love language, smirky sly smile, and turning that crying on at the drop of a hat when something doesn't go her way.  She's feisty and sassy and just perfect.  She's also developed a love for the Pout Pout Fish book and doesn't let it out of her grasps often, asleep or awake.  She doesn't really have a lovie so I'm wondering if that is turning into one for her.  Maybe I should find another copy JUSTTTTT in case...

I got Patrick a collection of new police shirts the other day and this ^^^ was one of them and I immediately was like "I NEED THAT."  So I ordered myself one and Mike one in navy (so he can wear it to work. *chuckle.*) because it's just amazing and immediately it's my favorite shirt that I'm determined to make fit until 39 weeks!  And the smallest size they had was Patrick's size, so Ro will have to wait (or keep gaining and grow some more!) a little bit until she can fit into it...and then we can all match!!  So fun, so fun.

Okay!  That's about all I've got.  Heading off to the salt mines which I hope the day goes quickly so I can get home to play with my burritos!  The evenings are all that much sweeter now because of that.  Adios friends!

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