Hodge Podge

Like my super dee-duper creative title?!  Yeah, it's really hard to come up with a good title for my post when it is literally just that: a hodge podge of stuff that's been happening lately.  Riveting, I tell ya!

Anyways, it's been a hot minute since I last blogged, and I feel like lately it's been photo dumps or pregnancy stuff...and not really too much about what's been happenin' around the Mooney household.  But!  Fear not!  That changes today!  Exciting, isn't it?!

On this way too early wet morning before I head into work (school officially starts Wednesday), I thought I'd enlighten you with a wittle blog post all about the shenanigans we've been up to the past week or so.

Last Monday night a few of my friends and their kiddos went out to dinner at one of our fave pizza places to celebrate my birthday -- I turned the big 31 last Tuesday and they insisted on doing something for it.  I think I enjoyed seeing our kiddos interact and have fun the most!  Rosie snatched my shake after I only had 3 sips and proceeded to drink THE REST OF IT.  I'm not kidding.  No wonder she's in 3T clothes.  #tank

Tuesday was my birthday and I had to work.  Boo hiss.  Mike had to work 3-11pm, so we decided to meet up at Fuddruckers (my fave!) for lunch so I could see him and the kids!  It was great...and so delicious.  Then we met a good portion of my family at Fuzzy Taco for dinner, complete with homemade NeeNee cupcakes.

So Rosie lately has developed a dip obsession: she LOVES to dip her food in whatever dipable item is in front of her: ketchup.  Guac.  Ranch.  Queso.  It doesn't matter, if she can dip into it, she WANTS it.  See above.  DYING.  She loves dip AND loves to make a complete mess.  So many of her outfits are permanently stained!  Oh well, YOLO, right RoRo?!

Patrick starts preschool on Wednesday, so last week he got to go to his school's open house to meet his teachers and see his classroom.  This is SUCH a new experience for him -- he's never not been watched by family in his 3+ years of life!  So I am anxious and excited and nervous for him come Wednesday...I'm sure I'll overgram the heck out of it (I even made him a cute little "first day of school" board that we can put his stats and such on) and be anxious all day until I can pick him up and find out just how his first day was.  He's going 3 full days a well -- 6:45am until 3:30pm!  So this'll be a huge adjustment for him but I'm excited for it -- my little dude is growing up!  GAHHH!  I'm sure I'll have a blog post later this week dedicated just to his first day, stay tuned.

So these are the only snaps from last week that I have WITH Patrick in them!  On Thursday he headed down to KiKi's Lake (again!  His second home!!) for the weekend so it was just Ro and I (and Mike when he wasn't working) all weekend.  Gosh, I missed this kid SO MUCH.  I cannot wait for him to come home later today and tell me all about his weekend at the Lake!  Fortunately we FaceTimed a lot and talked on the phone -- it's so nice he can hold a conversation!!  Haha!

So this chick got a lot of one-on-one time this past weekend which was GREAT!  One BIG thing from the weekend is walking -- no, she's not walking yet, but she got some new kicks that'll hopefully be getting her walking SOON!

She was super fascinated by the fish at the shoe store.  But yes, Ro has new tennis shoes now and we're going to keep her in them to hopefully give her some support on her tootsies and get this gal to walk!  I mean, she'll do it on her own time, but I'd LOVE for that to be sooner than later because SHE IS HEAVY and I am only getting bigger.  Haha!

This is about as good as she gets walking now...hopefully her new shoes will inspire her to take off and run!  Fingers crossed!  You know you'll be the first to know once she does :)

I got a new speedlite (read: flash) for my camera last week and 1. OMG, it's FREAKING AMAZING 2. couldn't have come at a better time since we had a wedding to snap this past weekend!  So my camera DOES NOT have a built in flash -- most higher end full frame DSLR cameras do not because you don't really need one -- they can really get good pics in some low light.  However, if you want a flash you buy an external or "off camera" flash to use instead!  They range in price, so I went with a good one but obviously not the "best" because I didn't want to pony up the money for something I wouldn't ALWAYS use -- I really just needed it for dark wedding receptions.

So once I got it I used Ro and Scoots as my test subjects for some flash snaps.  Gosh, I'm in love!  I was so excited to have it for the wedding we were shooting and, spoiler: it worked out PERFECTLY to have.  More on that in a sec.

Friday night Ro and I had a lady date with my cousin Abby -- we hit up my fave restaurant in Kirkwood and then Strange Donuts!  It was Ro's first adventure there so she got a fancy sticker and split my donut with me.  Twas a lovely ladies' night.

Can we take a sec and giggle at this?!  I mean, I WAS DYING.  I didn't think he'd actually stay put when I put him in there, but, alas, Scoots proved me wrong once again!  I posted it in a few groups and they all got a good giggle out of it, as am I again looking at it and writing about it.  Tehehehe!

I mean, could she be any cuter?! #biased   Her facial expressions just KILL me and I feel like they get better and better each and every day.  I am so excited to watch them develop even more and her own little personality come out.  Plus, she's talking A TON.  Most of it you can't understand her, but she mimics words and sounds and I'm sure she'll just be babbling from here on out for the rest of her life!  I love it so.

Saturday Mike and I snapped a wedding!  First off, it rained ALL DAY Friday and ALL DAY Sunday (and is still raining this morning), but by some miracle it didn't on Saturday and was just gorgeous for this wedding!  (You can check out more wedding snaps here if you're so interested)

I love doing these "behind the lens" snap comparisons -- I try and get Mike in a few pics of him shooting and he does the same for me -- great to see pull backs!

I had to snap a selfie with the gorgeous bride!  How pretty was she?!!  It was such a fun wedding to snap (I saw a lot of high school friends which was fun!) and I am SO SO SO happy with how the pics turned out!!

By some miracle, and 9+ hours of editing time (and Patrick being at the lake and Mike being home in the morning!), I got ALL of the wedding snaps edited by 11pm last night!  How awesome is that?!!  I patted myself on the back because that NEVER happens -- it usually takes me a week to get through a wedding.  Thanks to a cooperative Rosie + a long nap + Patrick being at the lake + rainy day, I was able to get them done!  Woot!  I need to just upload them and what not so I can get them over to the bride!

I had to include this pic too -- Stef really wanted sparklers, and I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out!  I mean, it couldn't have been any more perfect!  Again, thank you new flash!  Haha!

So that's about all I've got...which wow, this turned into a hugely long post.  Sorry.  But yeah, I need to wrap up so I can head off to school and get going on the long list of stuff I need to do before classes start later this week.

Have a great one friends...stay dry!!

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