24 weeks.

Twenty-four weeks today!  15 weeks (or less!!) to go.  January -- birth month! -- will be here before we know it.  I still cannot believe how fast this is going.  And I'm sure in a year from now I'll be blogging how fast #3 is growing up (cause a year from now he/she will be almost 9 months old.  UNREAL.)

This is a big week -- well, I have my last BIG photo gig of 2016 this weekend: 13 mini sessions!  Praying for good weather and no rain and no pregnancy issues (which, knock on wood, have had ZERO thus far!) from moi.  I actually was suppose to have my 24 week appointment this week BUT since I had to schedule ultrasounds with each it got bumped to next Monday (so almost 25 weeks) so I am oh-so-anxious to see #3 again and how he/she has grown AND where my placenta is.  Riveting stuff for you, I'm sure.

Things have been going well...just been busy!  We went to 2 weddings this weekend and I snapped 5 total photo shoot sessions, so mama is TIRED.  Ohhhhh how I want to call in and just stay home curled in my bed some days, but I'm saving any and all sick/personal days I have for my maternity leave with #3.  I've been feeling good thus far, just feeling really big!  I swear I'm like 10x the size I was last go'round at this point (although my comparison snaps, see above, don't really show THAT much of a difference).  I feel like I look rounder and the babe is a bit lower -- although it feels higher.  But looking at the pics id definitely LOOKS lower -- so heck, maybe it is a boy and my 99% sure self that it's a girl is actually wrong!

I have really FINALLY been feeling #3 move A LOT.  Again, not as much as I remember feeling at 24 weeks with Rosie, but way more movement than in the past couple weeks.  Mike has been able to feel him/her (he says him) this past week which has been fun.  Very active little thing in there!

Here's a lovely little comparison snap from 10/17/14 and 10/17/16...only about a 9ish week or so difference for ya -- 15 weeks vs. almost 24 weeks :)

Since I'm on a comparison pic roll, here's another one for ya: weeks 4-24.  BOOM.  Babe is a'growin'! So that's about all I've got for 24 weeks with #3!  Until week 25 friends...adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Overall mood?Excited, happy, and anxious
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?TONS of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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