Rosie at 18 Months

Rosie is officially 18 months old (and actually was on the 6th, buttttt I wanted to wait for her 18 month checkup at the doc to include all of those fun little stats and facts) and such an absolute joy of a little lady to have around!

Girlfriend is a PURE DIVA.  And I don't say that lightly -- she knows what she wants, and can be so sassy about getting it and getting her way.  I kinda love that about her.  But I also kinda hate it.  Haha!

Someone REFUSED to take off her sunnies and shoes at the doc's, so the diva she is looked like this pretty much her entire visit.  She totally became a shy gal when the doc came in and sat on my lap and clung to my chest for 99% of the entire visit.  She really does have some attachment issues we've seen lately and today was no exception -- she did not want to leave her mama's side when the doc came in!  Haha!

Overall Rosie had a great checkup -- hitting every milestone (now that she's walking!  WOO HOO!) and got her last round of vaccines for a good long time.  She's happy, healthy, huge, and sassy as ever and the doc seemed to concur with all of that.

So!  Now that I've bored you with the doctor facts and what not, here are some fun little mom stats and milestones to keep you equally as entertained!
  • Rosie weighs 29lbs and 5.2oz which puts her in the 98th percentile for weight!  Patrick was a smidgen smaller at 18 months (29lbs 2.2oz) but he had an inch on her as she is only 33 inches tall.
  • Rosie is wearing all 3T clothes (a few 2Ts in June & January that run big) and hopefully will be making it to her 2nd birthday in 3T.  She wears a size 6 shoe and those are some of her most favorite accessories because she's very particular about which shoe she has on and/or wants to wear.  Now that she's walking she gets to wear a bunch of shoes because she never really wore them before!
  • Ro has 14 teeth -- her top two "fang" teeth just popped through and I think her bottom 2 are following suit sometime soon too because they are coming in.  She's a master chomper with whatever is in her mouth (fingers included!) and really uses those to the best of her ability.
  • Doesn't have a lovie or anything but is still an avid thumb-sucker when she's tired or upset.
  • Sister bear started to walk right after she turned 17 months old and hasn't slowed down since!  So she has been walking for like a month, but you can't tell -- her late walking status gave her a bit more coordination now it seems and she flat our runs (in her own Rosie way) all over the place now keeping up with Patrick!
  • she has!  Rosie, Ro, RoRo, Roey, Sister Bear, Sissy, Ro Boat, Robot, princess peach, and a ton of other ones I can't remember!  She seems to respond to everything so I guess she knows she has a bajillion different names, minus her real first name Rosa which I can't tell you we've ever actually called her.  Oops.
  • Ro has a lot of favorite foods, particularly mandarian oranges, corn, yogurt, bananas, cheese, applesauce, dry cereal, veggie straws, and a bunch more I can't remember!  She hates avocados by themselves but will eat guacamole.  She is a dip afficieando and LOVES to dip any and all of her food in anything dipable: ketchup, ranch, cheese, --ANYTHING!  If you give her food that is suppose to be dipped in something (i.e. french fries) and you don't provide soem dip too, she will lose her shiz on you.  Not kidding.
  • Rosie is so different from Patrick at 18 months old.  He was all boy - go go go! all the time - and as crazy and wild as she can be, she really is so good about sitting and playing with one thing for a while!  She LOVES reading and having books read to her -- she will go get a book, let you read it to her (the Usborne touchy-feely books are her fave), hop down, go get another one, and repeat.  She recently has found some toys she becomes attached to for like 5 minutes, but doesn't have one that she really REALLY is attached to (or like a lovie).
  • Her favorite time of day it seems is post-nap snack time.  She knows to go to her table and sit and wait for a beverage and snack (Patrick does this too) and it's the cutest thing EVER.  She is actually really good at staying in one spot (when she wants to!)
  • Understands EVERYTHING.  Literally EVERYTHING.  "Rosie can you go throw this away for me?" And she does!  I feel like she talks a lot more than Patrick did at 18 months old and has a lot of words -- she can say all of our names, Scooter's, NeeNee, Papa, Ray, Grandma, Please, Thank You, KiKi, and a bunch more.  A lot of them 'sound' close to the real word but you know what she's saying!  It's kind of impressive.  She does still scream and yell a lot when she wants something though.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, she is a diva.  She knows exactly what she wants and flips her shiz when she doesn't get it.  She can go from a cuddly happy girl to a full blown meltdown in .2 seconds flat.  It's actually kind of impressive.  But I hope it ends soon and she realizes she can't always get what she wants.
  • Stranger danger is real with her.  Even with people she "knows" -- it takes her a minute (or like 15!) to warm up to people and not be whining/crying/clingy when we go somewhere that is unfamiliar with unfamiliar people.  Again, new territory cause Patrick never did this!
  • Still a great sleeper (and fingers crossed this continues when Patrick and Ro bunk up at Christmas time because #3 will be getting Patrick's old room!) -- goes to sleep around 8pm each night and usually sleeps until 8-9am the next morning!  Takes one nap a day, usually from 1-3 or 3:30pm.
  • LOVES Scooter.  Loves to chase him, pull his ears, poke his face, and pull his tail.  Scooter does not love this and Rosie thinks it's hilarious (even when he snaps at her!) but she really loves that dog and I'm sure they'll be besties in no time.
So that's about all I've got for Rosie at 18 months old!  No other fun little Ro updates comin' until she's TWO (which I cannot believe she's closer to 2 than 1 now!  CRAZY!!) but I'm sure my posts will be riddled with subtle little Rosie updates until then.  Ro boat, you are such a little joy and we love having you as part of our family little lady!

And here's a couple Patrick and Rosie 18 month old comparison snaps for you!  Enjoy!

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