Golden Hour Photo Dump (Sorry. Not Really.)

The title says it all.  Photo dump from last night's golden hour, just because.

It was too gorgeous outside to just stay in after dinner, so we went out and played and the kids graciously gave me some smiles and such for some candid pics of them AND Scooter!  Win win.  And you're getting the full effect: color and black and white versions of each pic because 1. I can 2. it was too hard to decide which one to share, so, you get both.  Exciting, isn't it?!!

Anyways, nothing really else here to say other than it's Wednesday but feels like Tuesday (because we were off on Monday) so yay for being halfway done with the week!  Hope you enjoyed these probably over-shared snap of my little burritos.  Which!  I should add Patrick had a taco shirt on yesterday and it was National Taco Day, so, there's that.  Have a good one friends!

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